when you block a certain someones number from your phone can they tell?

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baggysenior | 17:09 Mon 12th Apr 2010 | Relationships & Dating
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ok, my ex keeps contacting me via text asking me if we can be friends bla bla. After a brief reconciliation i concluded what i should have known all along that a leopard does'nt change his spots. So for the 1st time in my life i have ended a relationship and once again find myself applying the no contact rule. He keeps texting me once or twice a week and i've ignored it, up until last night when i sent him a text saying we cannot be friends, i'm happy on my own. To which he replied but i cant forget you bla bla, and although i love him i realise this relationship is destroying me, i'm ready to move on, but he can't understand why i don't want to be his friend. Why is this so hard for him to understand and why does he persist? so i figured i'd block his no from my phone to not put temptation in my path. He ALWAYs texted me, will he be able to tell i've blocked him? or will the message be sent and it will look like ive not responded. Im worried if he knows ive blocked him he may come around to the house angry, when im with my wee girl and i dont want her to see him. Changing my number wouldn't work. thanks in advance.


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I am no expert - I blocked an alcoholic family member on mine and it did tell him he was blocked. It may however be a function of the phone you have. However, even if they cannot tell directly, if they get somebody else to contact you and they get through, you don't have to be a genius to work out what has been done!
I'm not sure and I agree with Androcles that it may depend on the phone, or the network provider perhaps.

Maybe you should respond just once more to him to tell him that you don't want this and you are going to block him. maybe do it before you are going out so he can't immediately call round and cause any fuss?
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hi guys thanks for your advice. Androceles, did it say you had blocked him when he tried to text or was it a phone call? i'm with 3 network. I may do as you suggest and tell him im going to block his number for my own mental health! Why can he not understand i don't want to be friends? if someone said that to me i'd say ok fair enough. grrr. he's a clever guy i dont know why he hasnt worked out why we cant be friends. exes rarely are unless everything is amicable or children are involved.
oh what a shame you went back to him, you were doing ever so well, if it were me I would ignore any emotional blackmail that he sends you via txt. you have already concluded that its over in your mind, whilst he thinks he can nag you into changing your mind then he will continue to pester you, you have to stop reading what he sends you! be strong or else it will be even more difficult to get rid of him.

He wants to "stay friends" because he will still have control over you. I would seriously consider moving somewhere else if it were me :/
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i know cazzz1975. I was a fool for listening to his apologies and promises for a future for me and my little girl. However in a funny kind of way its made me stronger because of what he put me through. I think i did most of my grieving last year when he left me and now i feel strong enough to think, you know what this relationship is doing me no favours, im getting out, and i feel stronger within myself, so maybe his selfishness last year has eventually come full circle and bit him on the bum because now i KNOW i don't need him and i'm going to be ok :) i wish i could move, if i had the money! Thanks for reading my post xx
Not completely sure in answer to your question - I intended to block texts but on our phone it blocked both teext and phone and it told him.
i would suggest an email to the maker of your phone and ask them if your model has that function
Telephone the customer service department of your phone provider and ask them what you can do. i hope it all works out for you baggy, time heals, your knight in shining armour will come along eventually :)
You have a little girl to think about too and you never know what will happen, he sounds unpredictable and the last thing you want is him coming to the house if he can't get you on the phone. Sounds hard but I think you need to move house, maybe move town, get him right out of your life in such a way that he just can't get back in it. You little girl's safely and peace of mind are paramount. And so are yours.
Not sure why changing your number will not work ?

On most mobile phones you can put a different ring tone for different I/C callers. Try that. At least you won't have to keep looking at your phone to see who is calling you.

If he gives you any more grief, go straight down to your local Police station and make a complaint.

If he is capable of being so unpleasant, why on earth do you say you still love him ? This might sound a bit harsh, but you can't have your cake and eat it to. Get real !

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when you block a certain someones number from your phone can they tell?

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