Problem with one of my friends Please help!

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bellaj-x | 18:29 Wed 27th Jan 2010 | Relationships & Dating
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Ok, i dont want to come off sounding *** because its not like that.. but basically, my best friend is really lovely and everything but she is one of those people who always wants new friends etc etc and she is a bit of a social climber. She gets very clingy to new people and will meet a person one night at a random party and by the next week they are best friends, she will call them and they will text each other etc.. even though they met once at a party where they were usually both slightly drunk! Anyway, so I have these friends ive known for a really long time and they went to my old school and we were best friends.. and my best friend met them at a few parties.

Today, I found out that my best friend has been invited to a party of a girl she met on new years eve.. Anyway this girl is really good friends with one of my best friends from my old school.. and so she is also going. So i found out today that my best friend has been texting my best friend from my old school and asking if they can go together and if she can stay at her house afterwards!!

I find this immensely weird.. !! particularly considering how possessive she is over her friends,, yet she arranges this?!

Im not jealous ( just to clear that up :) ) i just feel a bit wierd having two of my friends who hardly know each other texting and talking and arranging to do things without me, particularly as they literally dont know each other!!!

I understand that my best friend feels like she is best friends with everyone straight after meeting them.. i just think its so weird considering how *** and mean she gets when others try to be friends with her friends...

I mean we all like to have a group that we can escape to right.. i mean these are my friends from since i was tiny!!

What should i do?


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Nothing. It's none of your business.
sorry - i stopped reading about halfway through because the words all became blurred. And I was a little bit bored also.

Are you under 18?
Nothing. the novelty will wear off.
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yeah but no but yeah but no but .........................
Make yourself centre of attention; tell one the other text you the info but you accidently deleted & could she tell you. Do same with other friend; you get all the info & join in, or change their plans to what you want to do.
Why are you sounding so bothered, and scared that you might lose your friend to others. Some people 'click' and become friends quite easier than others.
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You're forgetting that they do have something in common - you ! Why are you concerned that your friends have become friends with eachother if not based in jealousy? I would be more upset if my friends didn't get on with eachother.

I'd be very interested to learn your age though.

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Problem with one of my friends Please help!

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