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sacha.86 | 23:36 Sun 24th Jan 2010 | Relationships & Dating
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my partner says the way i speak 2 him and question him makes him feel like im trying to catch him out on something. Does that meen theres possibly something to be caught out on or just that hes sick of my inquisative ways


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I imagine what you're doing would be really rather annoying.
it could be either. it depends how rational you are.
hes sick of you
You need to question your motives.
i agree, he's sick of you..leave him alone....
No It doesn't mean he has done anything wrong it just means he's sick of it. I should know, my partner does it to me, asks me constant questions like he's trying to catch me out about something. It's so annoying and actually really upsets me cos I have done nothing wrong!! Just tone it down a bit and think before you question him.
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he actually has done something wrong tho
Oh looks as though everyone left before the punchline!
What did he do.......and what was the outcome? Have you started questioning him as a result of his past mistakes? If he is sorry, and is trying to make a go of things,then he still has the right to be fed up with endless questioning. It only serves to make him feel you do not trust him,...and if that's the case, then you have little chance of healing things.
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ive never trusted any1 in my life till i meet him, and then 3 years later he cheated on me. He dragged out telling me the truth 4 months and i kept getting more and more, i still think there is more to it. I have lost alot of trust in him. He is tryin really hard to make things work but i need 2 no theres nothing he cant tell me
Your partner need to know that he needs to earn back your trust and by that he needs to give you full exposure to everything he does...after all people with nothing to hide, hide nothing. He needs to do this until you don't need it doing anymore. He can't just have an affair and then think that sufficient time has passed so you need to just 'get over it!' You won't actually 'get over it' until your partner realises and verbally acknowledges to you just what he did to you and how much he hurt you when you believe this and how sorry he is, you will then begin to heal.
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le chat, ive explained all that 2 him already. i do think he understands what he has done 2 me but i dont feel like he is telling me all there is 2 know. he'll b thinking there isn't any point as he might loose us. Even tho weve been getting on really well recently, it just wont go away and im fed up of my mind being scrambled. Ive finished with him now, just hope im strong anough not to let him bak (unless hes got things to say without being promted). Thanks pussy its nice to here from a reformed males p.o.v (thats assuming your reformed). Ive text him telling him im always here 2 listen no mater how hard things are to explain. I'll let him sit on it for a few days and if i know him as well as i think i do, he will come through for me b4 its 2 late (i hope :\ lol)
Dangerous game your playing there sacha....
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y? Incase he doesnt come through 4 me?
Yes....and do you really want him to if you can't move on. You either need to forgive him or separate.
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he keeps telling me 'i no everything there is to no about the subject'. I feel this is a lie. If im wrong i will never get over it anyway (so it doesnt matter that we stay seperated) and if he comes through 4 me i will be able to trust myself again aswel as him and then we can move on
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just thought id let u all no, hes told me everything and i believe him now. All the questions have stoped popping into my head and i feel a sudden urge of settledness. I can now trust my instinct and start to rebuild the trust between us again. Thank you all for your support you've all been a great help 2 me. Thank you

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