Am i too young?

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justanotherno1 | 02:02 Fri 23rd Oct 2009 | Relationships & Dating
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im a 12 year old girl PRETEEN (mature and tall for age) most of my friends are on like their 100th date and most of them already had there 1st kiss. my mom says im too young. but what do u think? Am i too young to date? or to start dating? And if im not too young why hasnt anyone asked yet? is it cuz i hav stupid glasses and braces( they wern't my falt)


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Dont believe your friends dating - they're fibbing. When you meet someone you want to date then that's the right time.
Your glasses and braces have nothing to do with it .
Your not in a race to see how many boys to kiss.
& You WILL know when it's the right boy to kiss.
Remember the only race your in is the human race
there's no need to rush let the boys do all the running.
You are too young to be up at 2am when you have school
but anyways you have all the time in the world. And when you're older your teeth will be straight and you can get contacts :-)
You are assuming they are posting from the British Isles 4get
No school for my kids today 4get.
Don't rush into the dating scene. It is inevitably disappointing, especially before the age of 19 at the very least. Spend the next few years perfecting your spelling - then your prospects may improve, along with eyesight and the teeth.
why not ummm?
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lol silly
Is it Indian?
They broke up yesterday. Teacher training day today. It's only Catholic schools though. They go back a day earlier than other schools. Don't know why..!
but school or not would you let them stay up till 2am at 12 yrs old? And anotherview I know she may not live in england but this is just a question to ummm
No I wouldn't. My 13 year old has to be in bed by 11 at the weekends. Earlier if I want to go to bed. That's not to say he doesn't get up and sneak the laptop into his room.....very unlikely as I generally stay up late but possible.
my daughter will be 13 soon and in her year at school there is not one person who has even mentioned a date let alone a first kiss. I would be inclined to be worried about this poster....
Yes you are too young, you are a child and shouldn't even be contemplating kissing boys. I didn't have my first boyfriend until 22 and yes, your friends are all probably lying.
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'preteen' is an Americanism......I bet she is in the US.

....and yes-I too think you are way too young. You are still a matter how tall or 'mature' you may be. I bet those friends are just telling stories.
Back again kitesurfer?
these aren't the words of a 12 year old "pre-teen". what 12 year old ever described themselves as "mature"?

even if an adult would consider them mature, these aren't the words of a child, so........... spotted

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