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mydogsandme | 13:06 Sat 27th Dec 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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Does anyone know of any UK forums and message boards to talk about seperation and divorce? Husband and I are splitting and have yet to tell people which I'm absolutely dreading. It may well be the death of my Mum. Kids are grown but it will still hurt them so much. I could do with talking to others who have been in a long marriage,no little children to think of,very little income to pick their brains. I'm having a really bad day with no-one to talk it over with. If I start a conversation with husband I just end up crying which exasperates him. It is a joint decision to split but I still get low. Don't want to make small-talk on the phone with friends and family who don't know what we're going through. Anyone advise please?


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hello mydogsandme !

There's many people on this site , who are fantastic at listening, and giving you very good advice.
They are there for every one, and make you feel that they are really good friends who want to help you.

Good luck , and hope it all works out well for you.

"x pusskins
I second pusskins & recommend another site, There are lots of people on there in similar situations.
It's only natural to feel sad about it all even if you think it's for the best. Are you sure it is what you want? Maybe a chat with Relate would do you good. There's also Marriage Care on 0845 660 6000. My advice is to think very carefully about this huge step.
Good luck & best wishes x
separating is never easy, people may be shocked and upset but sometimes you have to think about yourself too. you have the rest of your life ahead of you. do you want to wait another 5 years, and then wish you'd done something 5 years earlier?

if you and your husband have agreed to this already, you don't have to start slinging mud. just explain to people that you've decided to go your separate ways before you got to a bad place.

I wish you luck and I know it isn't easy x
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thankyou-yes,I've thought many times that it could all go away if we just agreed to carry on a sbefore but I know really we can't. Life would not be terrible-I'm not a battered wife or anything-but it wouldn't be so great either. We actually get on better when we no longer have to pretend to each other. We still have affection and respect for each other but haven't touched,kissed or said I love you in a long long time.

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