feeling lonely but.....

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mrrobbo15 | 19:24 Sat 08th Nov 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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well....where do i start....

i have fallen in love with this girl, she as a bf, but i cant help myself in loving her.

we had a works 'do' last night and theres a lovely girl there, that i like and could easy start going out with her, but i certainly dont feel the same about her as i do girl A.

do i continue being lonely or just go 4 it with this other girl ?
i dont want to b lonely but i dont want to be a rat

dont you just hate 'the game of love' !!



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It sounds as if you don't know either girl very well, it's probably a crush on girl A, and crushes do wear off, especially as she is presently unavailable. Why not try getting to know the girl from the works 'do', if you get to know her better, you might really fall in love, with a lovely girl who is available. Good Luck.
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girl A, i know really well....its like a brother/sister relationship ....but ive grown so fond of her.....
Sorry Robbo, but you did say girl A had a boyfriend, so it wouldn't be advisable to try to move in on her. You might end up with a black eye. You also said you didn't want to b a rat, so you must be a pretty nice guy, and there must be lots of girls out there who would be pleased to have someone like you.
i think you might be scared of having a relationship, so you chose to "fall for" a girl who is not available..........stopping you then being available for someone who is...................

you might like this young lady who is available.............. but you arent going to try - and i wonder why ??

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thanks for your thoughts....

i think i dont want to commit 2 sumone, wen my heart is elsewhere....

...and you just end up being on your own or a relationship of conveince
Just going out with Girl B is hardly commiting yourself! How about giving her a try and seeing how it goes - you might start to enjoy life and stop hankering after someone else and hey, you never know it might make Girl A jealous and ........??!!
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kathy.....thanks !!

tell you what, u have hit the nail on the head.

great idea, thanks again
That's OK. Good luck - I hope it works out for you :-)

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feeling lonely but.....

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