Where is the sex hole?

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caramel1992 | 03:08 Sun 28th Sep 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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Recently me and my boyfriend have tried to have sex but whilst trying he said he couldn't get it in because i was either too tight or he tried to put it in the wrong place, I am currently a virgin and i know a woman has two holes.. How do i know which one is the one for the penis to go into?


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You silly girl
ok i will assume you are being serious here???

i personally think if you have to ask that sort of question then you are too young to be having sex,

have you had sex education at school?

assuming 1992 is her birthday , im guessing this person is 15 - 16, and whilst i think its sad shes having sex so early in her life - im more sad at her ignorance of her body.........................................

otherwise this is the posting of some sad git who gets his rocks off asking intimate questions and thinking people are taking them seriously.............which is actually even sadder and dare i say more worrying......................

Want to mature on the fast lane!!! WELL try either of the two holes you seem to know ,the one that makes you feel grown up that the one.....eureka!!!!!!
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Use the third hole.
You need a site like this one:

Or go to a good bookstore and buy a suitable book for your age group
if you need to ask you are not mature enough to have sex....if its a real question that is....

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Where is the sex hole?

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