In and Out of Love

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shortstuffO3 | 05:53 Thu 31st Jul 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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I'll try to make this as short as I can, but it's complicated. Well, there's this guy. We dated and there was a lot there, so to speak. We broke up because of all the stress and everything going on in our lives. Didn't talk for about two months. Then he started talking to me again and saying how he missed me and how he wanted to date me again. Something was telling him yes, yet something was telling him no. So for some reason that time went up into flames. And he came back many others as well within the past six months, but we never technically got back together. So just recently he talked to me. And you know, I just try to be casual and not make thing awkward. Well it was really late one night and he just started saying some stuff. He said that the thing he missed the most was us talking and that it all ended because of him being stupid. And then I told him it wasn't all his fault and he said yeah, but is there any way I could ever have a second chance, I mean it doesn't have to be now but whenever. So he said all this to me and then we went to the movies and hung out and such. Well the next two days, he didn't talk to me at all. So I asked if I could ask him something. I asked if he remembered what all he said to me the other night about missing us talking and wanting a second chance. He remembered. Well I asked him if he was serious and he said that he didn't know. Umm, what is up with this. We are constantly in and out of love it seems and I mean it's all worth it to me, but I just don't know anymore. I mean, what's wrong?


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Do you love him? Listen to your heart, what does it say? Do that and you won't go wrong.

but don't forget to listen to your head! he drifts in, he drifts out.. does he know what he wants at all?

here's a line to remember... in a relationship, the one who cares the least has all the power.

isn't that how it looks to you, too?
Yeah and what she said xD
sounds to me like he is d!cking you aroung something chronic - will he, won't he? if he was that keen after saying all those things - he'd be making an effort, not dithering and don't know/maybeing!!! sounds to me like you are compatible, but that the ship has sailed on the relationship and he just wants to reboard to get in your pants...if you do go back there - be careful, make him wait and let him do all the running. if not, you'll get your fingers well and truly burnt.

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In and Out of Love

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