Do I risk all and talk..

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Xenon101 | 22:39 Wed 30th Jul 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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Over the last few months I've got pretty friendly with a girl that I work with. There has always been a lot of flirting and we finally got together a few weeks ago and have been going out (In private so that work colleagues do not find out!). We are sleeping together. I've actually become really fond of her, which I didn't expect. I find myself thinking about her a lot. She has always said really nice things about me too, but threw into conversation that she is not ready for a full relationship. She still lives with ex-boyfriend of many years. I kind of agreed in the hope that given time we would develop the relationship. However, almost overnight she has gone cold on me. Makes excuses not to meet up and not returning text/e-mail. She does smile and say hello to me but things have changed, and I'm not sure why. Should I reveal my true feelings and risk alienating her completely?? Xenon.


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Okay, No then
i wouldnt get attatched and enjoy the fun.u have nothing to lose and it'll fizzle out.
No. She's not interested in the same way as you are Xenon.
Xenon what have you to lose. Follow your heart, but this doll seems insecure, as far as I can tell.
I'd talk to her and see what she wants and why she is being off with you before you tell her the true extent of your feelings.

remember...nothing ventured, nothing gained.

but it does seem odd she still lives with her ex.
Thanks for your help guys n girls. She is actively looking to move out to her own place but financially it's difficult at the moment. I'm starting to think that it's best left actually. Will be difficult but it looks like it would be best.
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Should explain that the above post is mine, but from a different pc & login..

You sound exactly like the guy I was seeing at work. I'm not a horrible person but I did the same as this girl you were seeing. I was enjoying seeing this guy at work but he suddenly became all clingy and to full on. I could tell that he liked me more then I liked him so I went all cold on him. I just wasn't ready for a relationship as I got hurt by my previous b/f and had been single for 1.5 years and was enjoying it.

Anyway, the guy from work persisted with me continually and he was/is such the nicest guy I met. I'm ashamed to say I messed him around for weeks but eventually I broke it off.... and then I realised that I missed him. We are together now and I'm happy.

I think you should ask her where you stand and just be honest with her about your feelings.
You should just ask her....she was full on at the start and now gone cold? you have the right to an explanation, even if its what you dont wanna hear!

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