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sunshinevxn | 14:06 Tue 08th Jul 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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What do Aquarian males look for in a woman?


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the same as most men I would imagine, does it matter what star sign they are?
Aquarian males probably look for flippers in a female. Sorry for being flippant....oooh! there I go again.
They probably want to put them on the scales, sqad. Maybe they prefer ones called Gill?
Seems very fishy to me, perhaps they want the woman to meet in a coastal plaice. Fishguard perhaps?
couple of arms, couple of legs, head, boobies...ask a silly question...!
ohhh I really wanted sunshinevxn to post
Astrology dictates that the three air signs are compatible
Aquarius, Gemini and Libra
I'm Libra and always seem to prefer Capricorns
interesting because my sister is a capricorn and her husband is a libra
do you know what is ever more interesting, my dad is capricorn and my mum a leo.....spooky!
OMG! This is really weird, but I'm not a Leo and my wife is not Saggitarius.

I always thought there was something odd about astrology.
octavious, thats well wierd.....perhaps you shoud write into more magazine?

cos you girls get more
well we all know you only buy more magazine for "position of the fortnight"
yeah my g.f gets that, but in our relationship have only tried 3......mish dog and her fat lot of good it did her
Complete and utter filth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x
lol - discusting
I tried a Scorpio once.

Pulled a muscle though.
I am an Aquarian guy and my babe is a Scorpio. So star signs mean ******** if u ask me. But to answer your question. i looked for what most guys look for but now i have her mwahahahahaha and i will cherish every minute of it :)

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Aquarian Males

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