My GF got a DUI partly because of me, should I at least offer to help pay the fines?

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Zakkenrod | 17:04 Mon 07th Apr 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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One night my GF met up with me at a bar. I was drinking with a girl that is a friend of mine. I was already drunk but continued to get wasted. Soon thereafter I could hardly walk and she carried me out of the bar and to her car. (She was not drunk but had been drinking) I vomited 3 times in her car and she was speeding to get me home, doing 55 in a 40. She got pulled over by the cops, arrested, charged with a DUI and will now face $1000 in fines, community service, multiple court dates, ect. Should I pay the fines? What do you think this situation says about our relationship?


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In England I believe your GF would lose her licence to drive,
at the very least.
If you can afford to pay her projected fine, do so. You seem to be a factor in her wrongdoing.
I think the decent thing to do would be to offer to pay some of it. It was ultimately her decision to drink and drive (even though she wasn't drunk it still wasn't a smart move).

I also think it depends on whether or not you see a future with this chick and how long you've been with her. Also- did she ever suggest you should pay for some or all of it? You should post some more details...
I think you're both idiots, she chose to drink, drive & speed, she should take her punishment but I think you should pay to have her car cleaned.
I totally with the previous posts. I'm guessing you are quite young, so let this be a BIG lesson for you both. Be glad you aren't both dead, or worse, responsible for someone else's death.
It's partly your fault as it was because of the state you were in that she wanted to get you home asap, but she also chose to drive whilst under the influence, when she could have called a taxi home or at least as far as the nearest hotel/motel.
In the UK, she would at least lose her licence, which is more than a fair punishment considering the potential damages the offense could have caused. Maybe you should consider public transport until you are BOTH old / mature enough to be responsible for 2 tons of deadly metal.
The help her. This should be your last wrongdoing. This should be a lesson for the both of you.
It depends on that case of the girl but I think you can help her to pay fines but I guess you can't pay all the fines, half of it is much better. You can also help your girlfriend hire a lawyer for this case.

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My GF got a DUI partly because of me, should I at least offer to help pay the fines?

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