asking out a lady, after she showed interest long time ago when i wasnt single

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richfinch | 20:03 Mon 17th Mar 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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Hi, several months ago there was lady i liked at work, and i would say she showed interest, ie, she had a nickname for me, would always chat to me etc, but i was seeing someone at the time, and therefore didnt show her interest (ie kept it as friendly chats) ive been single now for a while, and this lady that did seem to like me, hardly speaks to me, i can start a chat with her, but although she is polite, seems to want to get away from chatting quickly.
Have i lost the opportunity for good, or should i try and ask her out (open plan office so quite difficult) or what do it do??


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I suggest u ask her, just let it out. What have you got to lose Rich? Screw it, throw away the pride and let it out you may look like a fool but at the end of the day this is about you and no one else.

Hope my point of view was helpful. TakeCare
Why not find out where she lives and break in? You could hide in her fridge and when she opens it in the morning, hand her a pint of milk.

Depends if she knew you had a girlfriend before, and does she know you are single now? Maybe she was just being friendly before and now has a partner herself.

If you don't want to ask outright, then try and be more flirty with her and see how she reacts. You should know from this whether she is interested or not.
Some women like to flirt with men they know are unavailable. That way they feel safe knowing he won't necessarily make any advances on them. Perhaps she never had designs on you, it was just a game, but you won't know unless you ask.
Tell her you haven't checked your Lotto numbers yet, the ticket is in you Mams, but you are sure that most of what you remember means you won't be working there much longer.
Tattoo her face on your chest and go into work topless. Go up to her desk and say "Like my tattoo???" then laugh manically "hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!".
For added effect, start masturbating.
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asking out a lady, after she showed interest long time ago when i wasnt single

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