Do I love her?

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Nightfold | 00:07 Mon 17th Mar 2008 | Relationships & Dating
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I don't know if I'm in love with my partner or whether I just love her. I don't feel we are connecting corretly is doesn't feel right. For example I talk over something with her to check if she is ok with it. One guy she and I are in work with has feelings for her and she did not like it when I asked her not to give him mixed signs for example hugging and being close to an uncomfortable degree. I trust her but I am getting hurt and I am not sure how to address the issue, its really hurting me. Can anyone advise me on what to do?

All help and advice is much needed and I will be greatful for it as it may save my relationship.


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Sorry I'm no expert in love, far from it really. But if your having to ask this question to people who don't know either of you then I can't see you really being in love.
Hope thing's work out for you whatever happens.
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Do I love her is more of a title than a question in itself but thanks for your support its just I neeed advice on how to address this issue
Oh, sorry to be no help.
this is a difficult one!!

You have to ask yourself if ingornace is kind, do you not want to know that she effectivly firts with someone else!! If this is all it is then don't get jealious, do you flirt with other girls and don't tell her, turn it around and look at what you do!!

In todays world if she is fit for other guys not to make a pass at her, its how she handles it!!!

Try to keep perspective, if she hasn't cheated on you and you trust her then ignore this or talk to her just pointing out that she shouldn't do it when you are there as its disrespectful to your relationship with her!!
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No its alright really I am thankfull for the support I really am. Its just I don't know what to do right now
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OK thanks for the advice. I just want us to be ok we are a good couple and I don't want this to spoil it.
I think my situation is similar Nightfold. All I can say is hold on mate. You can get through this, be strong.
My wife is a huggy person. This is part of being a wonderful tactile human being and a delight in our relationship.

She is huggy with other people. But she also makes it really clear to the world that she is love with me. I wouldn't want her to give up affection for other people.

It is a beautiful thing to experience a faith in love that trancends any concept of jealousy.

My wife won't have it but I haven't the slightest doubt that many of my friends would be more than happy to swap their lives for mine.My wife and I have been together on those terms for 20 years and we still remain passionate about each other.

As long as your girl makes it really clear you should have nothing to worry about. But you have to be that man who lets her be herself. The man with the confidence to know that he is eacactly the man she needs in her life.

And if she doesn't realise what a great guy she has..... you know the kind of devotion you are offering and if she runs of with a fluzy then she has lost more than you.
i feel the same nightfold. I'm a very huggy person as well.i'm really not the one to be telling you what to do as I can't sort my own relationship out. However give it time and talk it out with your girlfriend. tell her how it makes you feel and ask her in a calm way if she'd take this on board,tell her you understand that he has feeling for her and ask her how she feels about him, you never know you might be picking up all wrong ideas. Hope this helps .....good luck.

Also wow beso how lucky are you???? Do you have a secret formula?? or a brother.....Can you tell us your secret please.
I married young, and we've been together almost 11 years now. I agree with beso - if you really love someone, jealousy doesn't come into it, because you have the trust in each other to transcend all that. Both my husband and myself greet friends with hugs & kisses. It means no more than the friendly rapport we've had with them for a long time, and neither of us flinch at it. Our relationship's based on mutual respect and love for each other, so it's not difficult to maintain it. It's just something that flows naturally.
There is a big difference between loving someone and being IN love. You know for sure if you are in love so I suspect you are not if you are asking yourself this.

General love is more about caring and feeling affection, as you would for family and friends. Being in love with a partner is a different kind of feeling and you will know when this hits you.
It hit me slap in the face, good job too I don't always know when someone likes me :P but I am in love and it is different to loving. And god its amazing
If you have to question whether or not you love her then there is a problem. You may love her but your not in love with her. If your not in love with her leave her alone. A women needs to feel that her man is in love with her. Maybe ur giving off those singnals to her and that is why she is doing what she wants in reference to other men. Think About it!

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