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freshfruit | 17:06 Tue 02nd Oct 2007 | Relationships & Dating
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Given the choice, whats most important in a future partner, (all other things being equal, and other factors like personality aside) - Beautiful face or beautiful body? which would you prefer?


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Beautiful soul...all the other stuff is just icing!

Fr Bill
Both are pretty irrelevant actually.
I just got an image of Brad Pitt.


Beauty is a bu88er to quantify.
lol how many folk have beautiful faces and/or bodies? not a lot
not me anyways : - (
aww poor legend, are you supermegafugly?
(bet youre not and your just looking for sympathy)

look that one up on youtube lol
its a real song, by 'Kevin Bloody Wilson'
even with good looks .

and love.

its not always enough : - (
Someone who is honest and faithful would be enough for me.

Does such a person exsist!
I agree with a beautiful soul.
Yeah, but you're not my type petal ;0)
[email protected]
The first thing to attract people is physical attractiveness - when you first meet somebody you don't know whether they have a nice personality or not.

So, as a first impression, it surely has got to be face and body, hasn't it?

After the initial attraction hopefully you get to love their personality as well.

Oh, and for me personally, no fat girls.

Hmmm, definately beautiful face, as you have to look at it every morning when you wake up.
The body, you can do something about...
Hmmmm, 'nice' face - afterall beauty is in the eye of the beholder - we all consider different qualities 'beautiful' and when you first 'see' someone it takes 7 seconds to work out if you find them attractive or not and this is predominantly down to how they 'look' both facially and physically. I dont like a guy that is too 'beautiful'....after that its the personality then it all falls into place....
as a typical male chauvanist pig who is sex mad i look at the face first, followed by hooters, legs, bum.
you can come out with all the personality dribble you like but intial attraction is always physical. it is true that if the personality isn't there then the relationship may not last, but im talking initial attraction.
my last g.f. (who dumped me) was a size 26 but very pretty and with a great bubbly personality. my current g.f. is also very pretty, and since we met shes gained about 4 stone but i still love her as much as ever, pretty face you see!
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What do you mean by beautiful? Surely we all see beauty very differently, (beauty's in the eye of the beholder and all that!)

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Whats most important.......

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