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Bruizedapple | 11:24 Thu 17th May 2007 | Relationships & Dating
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Hi all,

quick question, my new boyf is 6"5. I'm not (5"9, little short man).

It's kinda wigging me out a little but he thinks Im being ridiculous as he doesn't see it as an issue. Anyone got a tall/short thing going on and does it work? Am I setting myself up for lots of little and large jokes? Am I gonna as be seen as his wife?

Should I just chill out and wind my neck in :)


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It's not an issue, plenty of couples have a height difference. I imagine your new boyf will have this problem with most people he meets so give him a break!

I'm sure some people will crack the jokes but this will wear off and anyway, take no notice of them!
my bloke is taller I love it, makes me feel looked after and I think its cute when he calls me shorty. :-) But I guess its different for a bloke to be shortest.
Can't quite get over a guy being shorter than myself, somehow, I think 4get has said it - I like a guy to be taller than me as it makes me feel secure and looked after and i like a guy to be in control if you see what i mean.....
My ex was taller than me. Im 5ft 1! And hes like 5ft10!
Like 4getme I liked it. And he liked it. :D
spose a bit different you being two males, but someone has to be the shortest.
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Hmm, maybe its differant for men and women!

When he said it made him feel all protective towards me it made me want to smack him :) Although it did also make me go a little giddy, but shush!!

Im sure I'll get over it, its just odd seeing people's reactions
My ex was 6'4" and I am 5'4". We were together for 5 years and the height thing was never an issue.
my ex was 6'1 and i'm only 5'1! lol! was never a problem, apart from slight crick in neck when we kissed lol! xXx
An ex of mine was 6' 7" and I am 5'3"! I like taller men, but maybe that was a bit much...

If you like him, try not to let it bother you - the height difference isn't that huge. As CheekyChops says, take no notice of comments. People will soon find something else to talk about.
Speaking as a tall woman (5ft 11ins), I only ever went out with one man who was smaller than me, I didnt like it and we got lots of comments which were quite hurtful so needless to say the relationship didnt last long and I have always been out with taller men since!
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See, it's doomed, doomed I tell you :)

I can't respond to the comments, cos then I look like I've got short man syndrome. Maybe I should get some built up shoes, with goldfish in the heels
Nothing wrong with your height! Mr Pippa is only an inch taller than you and he is perfect for me..I am 5'2" :o)
It's not doomed - especially if you get those shoes!
I'm 5'4 and my man is 6'5. We don't care! He's very handy to have around too!
Love the sound of the shoes, but how would you feed them?! Lol. X.
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Thanks for all the love guys!

Sound advice from all, and think I'm gonna forget about the shoes, I.m not sure I have an outfit that would go


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