Aaagh Nerves

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caz21 | 18:59 Wed 09th May 2007 | Relationships & Dating
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I have a date in two hours! I dont know what to wear, what to say, what to do! I'm panicking! I'm a complete dating disaster as it is, and i barely know this guy, I know he is definitely not boyfriend material, just some fun, but i'm still so nervous! Please can anyone help calm me down...? xx


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Hi dont know what to say to calm you down really (except the obvious.........have a drink? but not so that your p*ssed when he gets there lol) but if you keep reminding yourself that its just a bit of fun and he's not BF material then you should be fine! oh and i have no life so please could you come on tomorrow and tell me all about it? ; ) Have a great time and where are you going? (see told you i have no life! i'm getting nervous for you heheheheh
if you know that he isns tboyfriend material why are you calling it a date, you really shouldnt get his hopes up. Where is he taking you?
D, your back... Welcome back lol :-)
Agree with u 4getmenot.

If a guy had posted that question, he'd have been SLAUGHTERED!
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Thanks for your answers!

And dont worry, i'm not exactly girlfriend material for him either, it was just for some fun, mutual on both sides...

I was still really nervous as i hardly know him, anyway i arrived five minutes late, we had some drinks and chatted til one in the morining... it was lovely! and he left me with a kiss on the cheek, perfect gent for a first date! ;o)
then if you arent to him how about just going out as mates, why a date?? I dont get it.

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Aaagh Nerves

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