Separate bedroom for man and wife

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AB Asks | 11:38 Wed 14th Mar 2007 | Relationships & Dating
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Separate bedrooms are the in-thing among American couples. Will the UK follow suit next? It could be that they like the whole bed, it could be the snoring has become too much or maybe they detest their partner. Whatever the reasons are separate bedrooms for man and wife the way forward? What do you think? Do you sleep in a separate bedroom to your partner � what are your reasons for doing so?


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LOL i sleep in the spare room when he is drunk he drives me insane. woke up once to him trying to hump my back!!! Worse than a bleeding dog man!

Whats the point in sleeping in a spare room if you hate the person just leave! Can you really call it a relationship if that the case?
I have never shared a bedroom on permanent basis.

I love my own bed, my own space - and it's very romantic to go creeping across the landing.

I like a cold bed and the windows open - I also spend a lot of time at night reading (I only sleep 4 hours a day).

Both my late husbands liked hot bedrooms and the windows closed.

It made for very happy marriages.
argh i suposse never thought of that.
i think its a great idea and have always planned to do this myself.

too many people feel they lose their identity when they become a couple, as though the very things that make them 'them' are no longer allowed and they now have to be 'coupleish'

a couple is two people who choose to be together, not two halves that become a whole.

i am me and always will be, no matter who my partner is.

i think one partner tends to dominate and insist the others belongings are discarded, because they 'don't go'.

this way, you can share each others beds every night, be separate if one is ill etc - but also each room can be the sole resposibilty of the owner - the girl can have whatever she is into, be it fluffy pink things or goth...and not have to have a mans stuff in there and he can have his boys toys or whatever and he will be happy

both get to keep a little piece of pure 'them' and this in turn helps prevent resentments
I know a few people who have their own rooms and it works for them. I sleep in the spare room if my husband snores or we have had words, but that's not the same as having your own room. I quite like the idea though because I like the bedroom dark in fact the darker the better whereas he only closes the blinds. If the curtains are closed as well, he finds it too dark and cannot sleep. He also likes the bedroom door open which I would prefer closed. It is seeming like a good idea the more I write.
My parents did not have a separate room but did have separate beds for as long as I can remember. They are still together and seem happy to me.
Also, my partner works away from home 2 weeks at a time and I find it very hard to adjust to him being there for the first couple of nights at home, but just as Im getting used to him being there he goes away and I feel all lonely again.
I agree, it's a great idea, & for most of the reasons that have already been stated. I love having the whole bed, am a light sleeper & on bad nights (fairly often) I like the radio & light on.

I had to smile at Ethel creeping across the little monkey!

In fact (I don't have a partner at the moment) I've often thought the best way to get on might be to live next door to each other!

I think it's a brilliant idea! I hate having to share my bed, at all. I have never had a solid night's sleep when I've shared my bed; I sleep brilliantly alone.

It wouldn't even necessarily have to separate rooms for me, but I must have a king size bed to myself! :o)) x
Personally I love being able to sleep in the same bed as my partner...I find it easier to sleep snuggled up to him and feeling protected, and an added bonus is the extra heat during winter! We both snore occasionally but this has never stopped either of us getting to sleep. Also we tend to talk to each other in our sleep, and usually one will remember the conversation while the other won't, makes me giggle in the morning :) Also if either of us wants to have a cuddle all we have to do is roll over, none of this creeping along to another room getting cold!
Besides from this, pillow talk is the absolute best :)
My parents sleep in separate rooms but are still together.

But from my point of view the biggest thing I'm still struggling to deal with since I was dumped 7 months ago is sleeping alone. I don't know what exactly (and my ex could never understand why it was so important to me) it is but I hate going to bed and especially waking up in the morning in an empty bed!!
I really struggle to sleep if my gf isn't there - there's nothing better than spooning up to her back and dozing off into blissful sleep - I'm not saying we stay like that all night but it def helps me fall asleep having her there. If she's not I just can't sleep (unless I have a bottle of wine lol). It's great waking up in the morning and the first thing I see is her face. The first thing I always do is kiss her. And she likes to keep her feet warm on me (I'm rarely cold) and it cools me down having her cold feet on my legs. I couldn't imagine having separate bedrooms and if she ever suggested it I would firmly believe that our relationship was over.
you would still share the bed, just in either room, and occasionally not
No i dont see in separate bedrooms than my partner... It just mite b da religon on y dey do that or it just mite b a big reason on y dey dont want to sleep together....

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