RIght - new boyf needed

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Bruizedapple | 13:08 Mon 12th Mar 2007 | Relationships & Dating
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Ok people - bored haunting pubs and clubs talking to idiots on the off change Mr Right wanders past nonchalantly so the challenge for today? Find me an eligible single batchelor in Leeds. Aged 25-35, relatively sorted and sensible and not a big munter (also describes me) Answers onna postcard please Cx


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oh and he's gotta be gay - minor point that I forgot about


try a dating wesite?????????
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yeah, could do - but the cunning plan was (ie some sensible person on here would have a Mr Right that they could recommend - it is rather prediated on the person on AB not being a serial axe killer, thus their mates also wouldn't be a serial axe killer

but someones idea of Mr Wright may not be yours. Carry on with life and let them come to you.
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Yeah, I know thats the right thing to do - but it leads onto lots of other threads here, like how on earth does one meet people? How do you get a free drink ;)

This way at least I get to be in control of it!
Try a dating website! They really can work. I am living proof. I got fed up as I didn't want to date people I worked with and my work meant I didn't have time to meet someone new.
Just make sure you tell a friend where you are going etc...
I met a man on a dating website and have been with him two years now and we are getting married next June.
Worth giving it a go!
Good luck!
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Heh heh

Success stories are always heartwarming!

KK, thanks for the advice


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RIght - new boyf needed

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