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Fat-Cat-Viv | 14:13 Fri 23rd Sep 2016 | Relationships & Dating
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I went through a really horrible break up 7 years ago, dabbled into dating here and there nothing serious and looking back every person I dated wasn't my type. Well at the end of 2015 this man came into my life I didn't think of him as handsome, he has some issues but I fell in love with him.He accepts me and doesn't try to change me, I was so happy I hadn't been truly happy in years. Unfortunately he had gotten himself in some trouble with the law, he is now in jail since August 19 he may stay in jail for a year or two, i never imagined myself in a situation with someone in jail, do I wait for him to finish his term or do I just get over this? I will always remain friends with him cause he is such an awesome person.


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What did he do to end up in prison?
That has to be your personal decision.

Sometimes, if you are unsure, toss a coin and see what it tells you to do. Then analyse your own reaction. Are you prepared to do as the coin suggests, or are you thinking that you could make it 'best of three' ?
This is a question only you can answer.

As time goes on, you will come to decision about whether you want to wait for him, or to move on.

Moving on romantically will not affect your friendship from you side - of course, he may think differently.

Whatever you decide has to be your choice, no-one can make it for you.
Naomi's question is very relevant. He didn't fall foul of the law because of mistreating you did he?
I would say it rather depends on what you want from life and whether you think that this man can give you it.

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