Overreacting On Facebook

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dannyday5821 | 09:26 Thu 16th Apr 2015 | Relationships & Dating
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So me and this friend I met recently were getting along really well, and long story short, were messing about online and I overreacted to this joke because for a second I thought they were being serious, and I got upset because in the middle of all the joking around I thought they were actually upset or freaked out or something. So then I freaked out and got really worried. Anyway, the conversation ended with me apologist for over reacting, and them apologizing for "making me overreact" - which then made me feel bad, it wasn't their fault at all.

Last I saw them, things were okay and we were talking but we didn't talk about it. Then I saw them online again and it was just weird, I could tell it was as if they felt they were walking on thin ice talking to me online. I feel like I've destroyed that funny joking around side of our friendship now, and I'm worried they are actually hurt by my overreacting. I've tried apologising online but it doesn't work. I feel so stupid and I feel horrible, and I can't stop thinking about it.

I know why I overreacted - it's because I'm too sensitive, I have a horrible track record of talking online and I'm sure I have some kind of social anxiety disorder - I get so worried and fearful of losing friends, and I feel so stupid for over reacting like I did, even more so now after we last spoke, because they kept adding things like "I didn't mean that was about you" (when it clearly wasn't) or "this has nothing to do with you just so you know" (when obviously I know that) - so it's obvious their now just holding back talking online and it's because of what happened.

I feel so horrible and I so want to make it better. I don't want to do it online, but I'm thinking of just asking to meet up somewhere quiet so I can apologise and explain properly, because I do feel pretty upset about it and I want to make it better between us.

I just don't know what to do for the best


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Be more aware of text interaction problems in the future. And let it blow over. Which I suspect is much the same as you would do in real life with "real" friends you have there. Keeping on about it is going to keep it an issue and make you a pain. Letting it go is the best option. Least said soonest mended.
I also think that the more you chew this over and analyse things the worse it will get. Put this behind you as the past is one thing we cant change. We have all done and said things we regret.
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Yeah... maybe you're right. I just, I really really don't want to upset them that's all.... but maybe you are right... I just don't want it to be something that's left a hole in our friendship... over something silly... over something stupid.
You've apologized, leave at that or risk coming across as needy.

I think this situation has highlighted exactly what you need to do, which is ................ change your mode of communicating, you seem to be unsure of reactions on-line, well of course you are unsure.............. of all forms of communication txting/email etc is the hardest to analyse............... any of all written words can be misconstrued !!!

So, concentrate on meeting people face to face, where people can see how sensitive and caring you much you want to be understood and to understand others. Go outside your comfort zone and look in peoples eyes as you speak ( you cant do that online )

Good luck and well done !!!

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Overreacting On Facebook

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