I Will Never Understand Why People Are So Destuctive

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tamaris | 14:41 Mon 21st Oct 2013 | Relationships & Dating
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I own and live in a small block of 6 flats with a security system at the main door. We all have entry phones for security.
Someone takes pleasure in forever tampering with the lock on the main door and also the back door which is not connected to the security system. It was mended again on the 27th September and today it is not working properly.
I am tired of contacting management for it to be mended, which all costs money.
The repair man says it is the grumpy old man that does it, that lives in one of the flats, but no one can prove it.
I know you cant help I suppose I just need a rant, OK rant over.


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Might be cheaper in the long run for you all to club together and get a CCTV put over the door.
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Good idea, but only 2 of us out of the 6 flats own them (and that one is up for sale at the moment)the others are rented
Ah, that won't work then. People are horrible sometimes aren't they.
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This bloke is

You own a block of 6 flats!
that's impressive
Have you spoken to the landlord(s) of the other flats? It must be eating into the profits.
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Yes we have a management team who sort out gardening and maintenance etc etc we pay for all works divided by 6. This bloke is elderly and is on the sick, so in effect he gets his bills paid for
It is curious as to why someone would tamper with the security that leads to their own home?

We have a similar system and the worst is when people wedge it open needlessly.

I would casually mention next you see him that the damage has happened again and thank goodness they are installing a hidden camera to catch the culprit. If it is him, may make him think.
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TBH mamyalynne no one speaks to him, but that is a good idea all the same x
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He does not like the noise of the door closing shut on the spring apparantly
Grumpy old man ... no ... never mind!
What about getting the management company to address the noise the door makes.

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I Will Never Understand Why People Are So Destuctive

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