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inamuddle1 | 20:08 Tue 25th Jun 2013 | Relationships & Dating
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You will see my post below.

I know what you say, that doing go looking for a relationship, the best ones always find you. I'm a believer in that too. Maybe joining a dating site is just opening up another avenue to be found on... I dont know.

I want to meet someone. Im 31, I've been single for a long time, spent some time wasted on a lover that already had a partner and child. I really want to meet someone and have romantic times together. I'm quite a pretty girl, but im not the type of girl that always has a partner. I think it's time.

All the men I have met recently have either been with someone (I really liked that guy) or call me too serious (obviously he wasnt) or are just not even interested... So I've decided to play the dating game.


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i have a tip for people to meet the loveliest people on the planet become a blood donor and start chatting to people in the waiting area!
20:40 Tue 25th Jun 2013
Joining a dating site generally costs money, you have just been pleading poverty on your other thread.
If you got a part time job in a bar as suggested on your other post You would be bound to meet guys.
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no this is a free site hahaha... Yeah, suppose maybe im just curious. But yes, I'm skinto lol. Arghhhh....

Anyways... Im skint, I have no boyfriend, blah blah
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the job i have is funny hours, sometimes i work nightshift, dayshift, it changes all the time, its a decent job, but funny hours. I like that it has funny hours though...
i have a tip for people to meet the loveliest people on the planet
become a blood donor and start chatting to people in the waiting area!
I wouldn't do on-line. My sister met some very odd people. Join a club or activity - bowling, pub quiz, etc - meet real people.
Any talent where you work? If so, take your break at the same time and strike up conversation.
Blood donor waiting room....

"Hi, come here often?"

No you?

"Every now and then, fancy a drink?"

Err yes tea please


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My sister did online, but on a paid website. That helped separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak!
She's been with him 5/6 years now and he's the nicest, most laid back guy you could ever meet, a perfect foil for my sister, who can be a tad highly strung.

When she moved house, I looked after her dog for a couple of months. It was a 3 legged Staffy (sis used to work for the Blue Cross in London, took the dog on as a pup after it had to have a leg amputated, owned by a couple of druggies) and when I used to walk it the amount of female attention I got was unbelievable! Didn't lead (no pun intended) to anything though, unfortunately. Good ice-breaker though, re-telling the dog's story.
I used to walk my mates Polar Bear...brilliant ice breaker

I'll get me coat
(Groan) LOL
I would love to go out on a date with you!....especially if you live in the Sun, I do love Spain.....your too lucky :)
You can play this game online:

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