Ever had a 3some for real?

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MissCommando | 20:55 Mon 13th Aug 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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I am interested in hearing anyone's experience if you've ever had a 3some before? If so, what was it like? Did it ruin your relationship? Did it live upto your expectations? Did you regret it or would you do it again?

Keep it clean please and I only want genuine answers, thanks :P


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Keep it clean? ermmmmmmmmm . . . well . . .
yes and my OH never stops asking me about it, he was there at the time you'd think he'd remember but he always asks me to remind him about it for some silly reason DUH
Only ever had the one , arranged it for after the pub shut so I could get some dutch courage. it was great. .... Well actually, no one turned up but I carried on regardless.

What a question.
I might consider a threesome simply because I would have someone to talk to afterwards
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lol Mick! What do you mean, what a question!?
On the other hand, I'm not much good at multi tasking
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lol Mrs-O :)
Means the other one can replaster the ceiling while you're looking at it :-)
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I'm only asking because I've heard it can ruin a relationship. I don't want to know all the gory details
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lol boxtops, how did I know this wouldn't stay serious!
yes thanks (it was really good fun)...but not in a relationship - when i am in a committed relationship i expect complete monogamy. i would consider it and certainly think about it (as i am bi!). however, me and mr kicker have been together 20 years and i wouldn't want to upset the apple cart.
I had an ex once who wanted me to do this, hence that's the reason he's an ex !!
Yes, enjoyed it for what it was, wasn't in a relationship at the time, would I do it again .... no.
Three blokes doesn't count, tony
Yes, it was like a threesome, no it didn't ruin our relationship, it is what it is, no I didn't regret it, yes I'd do it again under the right circumstances, but to be honest it's not by any means the best sex I've ever had in my life, that's usually a one to one scenario.
LOL at sunny.
yes,years ago,not now,not got the energy for the 1 Ive got
Well, that is a complicated question to answer on a social network.

Have you ever had a threesome....yes.

Did it ruin our

Did it live up to your expectations..........more than my expectations.

Do I regret it?..............No

Now here is the rub (sorry) ...some men are really turned on by another man being present or indeed making love to his partner/ wife. More common than you think, particularly in a marriage that has become sexually boring.

This is a man thing more than a woman.s choice, but it can be mutually satisfying.

The downside is, that it can lead to a split up of a relationship.

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