Gay marriage

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tinkerbell23 | 12:39 Sun 29th Jan 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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Just caught the end of a question programme the subject was gay marriage ...

Obviously those who support it and those who dont...

Personally i cannot for the life of me understand why not!?

Some people were saying civil partnership isnt enough and they should have full
Blown marriage really dosent offend me at all? Why not!?? Whats your opinion xxx


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craft you're confusing me :)

HRH Charles & Cami had a civil marriage; nowt 2nd class about it. Imo, its more sensible as a catholic marriage needs both for legal purposes.
tambo they had a civil marriage ceremony, not a civil partnership :-(
the bbc news website described the difference thus in 2005:-

"A partnership is formed when the second of the two parties signs the partnership papers. This is not necessarily a public ceremony or even an event that happens at the same time as the first signature. This flexibility means that couples can essentially become partnered in private, if they wish.

In contrast, a marriage happens when the partners exchange spoken words and also sign the register.

Another important distinction is that marriage as a word has religious connotations, even if a ceremony is only civil. Marriages can be conducted by Church of England clergy without any civil preliminaries being required. Civil partnerships are only conducted by registrars."
Question Author
Thanks for the answers guys!!! Surprised actually how the majority are for
It- pleasently surprised!! Xxx
naomi24, your post @16.24 starts //humbersloop//, then a long post quote.

Excep it's certainly not one from me.

Would you check that and correct? Thanks
My apologies humbersloop. That should have been to Brenden.
The Christians get uptight about it and quote the Bible. The fact is though that marriage does not belong to the Christians and long predates their cult.

Unfortunately like the celebrations at the Equinox and Solstices and the concept of morality they try to claim they own it.

They are free to deny the celebration of same sex marriage in their sects but it is absolutely none of their business elsewhere.
joeluke //This country has already pandered enough to gays by allowing them to be civil with their partners

They should accept that, remove the chips from their shoulders and belt up now //

So they should they accept they are being discriminated against to a slightly lesser degree then previously? Your narrow-minded bigotry is offensive.

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Gay marriage

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