Is there a dating site for would-be Dinkies (Double Income, No Kiddies)?

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JonnyBoy12 | 21:22 Sun 13th Nov 2011 | Relationships & Dating
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We all know that there are loads of dating agencies out there on the Internet but are there any for those who feel that "2 is company but 3 is a crowd". In case you had not picked up on this I have no wish to father any children. I am sick and tired of people telling me how selfish I am in this and would like some more constructive advice. I know that this is a site for Dating for Parents but do not know if there is one for couples who have decided that they never want children. At the moment I am just a single who does not want (and can not have) children.

Can any of you help with this and thanks as usual for your ever speedy and helpful replies?


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with his head buried under a tea towel, inhaling some form of eucalyptus oil for his cold.

What an appealing image you portray, Jonny, (lol)
I haven't noticed that this is a site for Dating for Parents - where did you spot that part?
Couldn't you just put that in your profile?
Question Author
I do not do this when I date young ladies, DT. I show them my 'good side' then. Those are 2 very different questions I will thank you to remember!

Has anyone here got any more helpful advice than DT's sarcy comments?
just look for the old dears.. they (ie; me) won't be wanting any more babies :o)
actually I cant see how not having children is being selfish?

I would just put it on your details on the advert.
you are better off being upfront about it, okay it may hamper your feedback but at least the feedback will be women who know where you stand.
I'm surprised you have come across people who call you selfish for not wanting to have children, I don't see how it's selfish at all. I agree with ummmm, rather than looking for specialist sites why not just put in your profile that you don't want kids, it's not an uncommon sentiment among women too.
And you can't be sarcastic - well what a case of the kettle calling itself.....

As suggested here by several, be upfront with your adverts with women, - though beware, their thoughts on this subject can change if they find a true mate.

And there's an awful lot of joy from having a wee one, esp later in life.
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I am glad to see that most of you are supportive of my choice. I have including the link of the site in question below:

I feel that pets are enough for me and love cats and dogs to bits. I also give blood regularly and will donate both my organs and body after death. Does this redeem me from the selfishness of not wanting children?
I don't get why you're even looking at a site that's specifically for parents..
but isnt dating for parents, dating for people who have children already??

so the chances are anyone you meet will have kids already?
I don't think you are selfish for not wanting children - but be warned, I wasn't going to have any either.
Nor was I...!!!!!!!!!
He can't have children either Sherr.
Bit silly actually, IMO, why not go for those online mobs like e-harmony, or - or even papers like the Times or Telegraph; the latter has a weekly dating page, combined with on-line.
Sorry - forgot that bit when posted my answer.
I'll take back the "bit silly" part in view of the supplementary info - but I still say why go on a parents site, unless you want to step-father kids and that can be very "rewarding" in its own right. Just be upfront and honest, JB.....and cast your net wider than DoP.
I'd stop at the love of pets bit Johnny, giving blood and donating organs isn't exactly a chat-up line, noble as it may be.
e-harmony's got good feedback - friend of mine used it. You just say that in your profile - you're not the only one feels like this. There is no obligation to have children, some people just aren't maternal/paternal. And it's a big tie.

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Is there a dating site for would-be Dinkies (Double Income, No Kiddies)?

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