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MrMister | 17:48 Mon 18th Jul 2011 | Relationships & Dating
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Why are African women so feisty as compared to English women ?

They tend to very head strong on exterior but "real lady" on the interior.

Mysteriously beautiful.


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''Mysteriously beautiful''

A bit like a scotch egg ;-p
Question Author
Snags - Are you referring an African woman as a scotch egg ?
Why are you generalising?

Oh, and you're talking twaddle too.
Question Author
B00 - If i never said " compared to English women ?" then you would never accuse me of generalising

Still twaddle.
Question Author

(Course you would say that referring to my previous answer to you)
i can do feisty.............
but can you do real lady on the interior, craft?
They have good butts.

Well, some of them, at least.
no use, JJ, we're looking for headstrong here, not buttstrong.
You've been watching Doctors too much.....
Question Author
I agree with jj about their "behind"
jno how very dare you.............I'm a lady through and through :-) bum's not great.
Question Author
Craft - Are you nigerian ?
What an extraordinary generalisation! - can you give us an example, MrMIster?
Well I can be if you want me to be...............
-- answer removed --
craft sings with the Black Mambazo singers
They're blokes, redman - that seems to be a major flaw in your suggestion!

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