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queenio | 15:07 Fri 18th Mar 2011 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone recommend a homeopathic book which lists ills and remedies? I took some tablets for hayfever awhile ago, and it really worked. Many thanks.


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Boots have , or used to have a very handy leaflet on 'alternative' remedies.

If I can dig it out I'll see what they recommend for hayfever.
just drink some tap water, that's all it is, another branch of the wonderful world of total b0wlocks!
Found it !

It gives 4 different remedies for hayfever, depending on the symptoms.
Arsen Alb
Nat mur
I'm sure most pharmacists would be helpful.
I too was very sceptical , but homeopathic remedies have worked for me .
(I don't actually care whether it is a placebo effect or not.)
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Many thanks for all your helpful information, but I was hoping for a specific book title in case there was anything else I needed for the future. Sorry I wasn't precise.
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i used to have a copy of the above which I found very useful
Nice one, sqad!

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