Bloated /Full feeling in Stomach after eating bread/pasta

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muchlovex | 09:18 Wed 23rd Feb 2011 | Body & Soul
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Everytime I eat bread or pasta I feel bloated and have a lot of trapped wind. I don't eat bread or pasta often.

Could I be wheat intolerant? I never used to have this problem.

Anyone know of any remedies, apart from not eating the above food.


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It can kick in as you get older. My MIL was diagnosed in her early 60's after eating loads of pasta and bread before then. I think it's a simple blood test.

Have you any blood relatives who have been diagnosed as gluten-intolerant?
I agree with albaqwerty although to my knowledge, there is no blood test specific for food intolerances.

The diagnostic pointer is to remove all wheat products from your diet for a fortnight and then reintroduce and monitor the effects. If you have a wheat intolerance, you will be symptom free during the fortnight, but your symptoms will return on reintroducing wheat to confirm the diagnosis.

Remember that these symptoms may also be due to gall bladder problems.
Two of my daughters suffer the same symptoms, and they find that both brown bread and flat breads eg. pitta, seem to help. Also oil of peppermint capsules taken as necessary ease the bloating a bit..
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Interesting. I know these days if I eat more than about 2 slices of bread my chest feels solid and food seems to be reluctant to pass down to the stomach. Most annoying, I like bread, it's a good filler (but a bit too much so these days it seems).
I suffer similarly and particularly share old-geezers problem where the food just feels stuck, it's unpleasant and tom some extent painful.

I have never eaten a huge amount of bread or pasta and have recently begun to question if it has been a subconscious decision.

I do find wholemeal pitta bread and pumpernickel a good alternative and when I do eat 'normal' bread I avoid anything that has been overprocessed.
I started having stomach pains the last few months, which has been guessed as wheat intolerance. It is certainly better if I avoid it. I think the only definitive blood test is for coeliac (gluten) and mine was normal.

Sqad will know better, but I saw a Doctor on TV recently, taking a resting heartbeat, then getting someone to chew bread for two minutes. If the heartbeat went up 4+, it indicated an intolerance and 8+ indicated allergy. Never heard that before, myself, though.
sorry sqad, that wasn't meant in a sarcastic way! I meant you would know better than me :-)
ljdsa........sorry my love, never heard of that one before.
Bread and lager (in excess) bloats me up a treat. In moderation, fine.
I thought perhaps wheat intolerance, but didnt seek medical opinion, just eat less bread and drink less lager and no worries now.

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Bloated /Full feeling in Stomach after eating bread/pasta

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