Fruit allergy

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bobdaloon | 20:00 Fri 11th Mar 2005 | Body & Soul
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I think im allergic to fruit, osme fruit sting my throat, has anyone heard of someone being allergic to fruit before and if so is there a cure


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My sis is allergic to brassicas unless they are very well cooked (cabbage family) - they make her throat burn.
Sorry but I don't think that there is a cure for allergy.
Could be the acidity - is it all fruits or just the citrus?
You can develop an allergy to anything, unfortunately, but some allergies are more common than others.
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its most fruits, grapes are ok and so r strawberrys and other berrys but apples pears bannanas and many other fruits make my gums and throat sting

I am allergic to fruit - mainly apples and pears.  I also have a nut allergy. And bizarly diet coke.  I have heard that i am frutose intollerant.  I can eat cooked apples but not raw fruit.

My tongue can swell, my throat closes and my mouth feels full of acid.

No cure as such... preventative measures to avoid that fruit.

I am allergic to melon, cucumber and anything with that kind of flesh. Causes my lips and throat to swell

i became allergic to applesall of a sudden. They now make my throat feel like it's closing up and makes my mouth and lips sting like hell and my lips swell up. it was a bit scary when it first happened. Other fruits seem to be ok, though strawberries make my mouth sting a bit.

I can eat cooked apples no problem and, thank the lord, i can still drink cider!  ;-)

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Fruit allergy

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