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have you?
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No. I have experienced the sleep paralysis thing three times before but. Scary the first time.
I think I had a weird experience when I was a child, it could have been a very vivid dream, I still remember it now. I was floating on my bedroom ceiling looking down at myself asleep. quite odd

I wouldnt do it by choice, it freaked me out!
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Not to too pinky. Also I'm wondering does it need to be completely silent for it to work.
No but thanks for reminding me about this as I was interested in this when I was younger. You may find someone that has done it or know more about it here.
I have that floating-on bedroom-ceiling and looking-down-at-myself experience often. At first I used to be scared but I'm used to it now so it's a normal.
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I am at that certain age at the moment and hot flushes and dizzy spells are a constant irritating companion. With the night dizzy spells I get the sensation of falling backwards. I very quickly learned to roll onto my back when it hits as if I am on my stomach i feel like I am falling backwards upwards which is a very strange sensation indeed.

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