Warm flush down calf of leg

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Suzannew | 16:29 Fri 14th Jan 2011 | Body & Soul
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For about a week now I have this strange sensation down my left leg between knee and ankle down the calf side. It is like warm water being poured down it for a second. No pain. What could this be? I am aware of it happening daily.


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Nothing sinister or otherwise comes to mind.
Unless you've accidentally pi$$ed yourself.
It was only a matter of time Mike!
Yeah, Mammy, right on! LOL.
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Haha guys thanks for the humour! It has just happened as I type and no accidents! I did Google earlier and it is actually very common but no-one actually suggested what it could be!
I get that too, glad its nothing to worry about. I thought it might be a circulation problem.
Sad, but I thought you'd wet yourself too.....

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Warm flush down calf of leg

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