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chazza | 14:56 Fri 14th Jan 2011 | Body & Soul
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I remember the following happening to me as a child and wondered if anyone in the medical profession could explain it. It sounds disgusting so I apologise in advance!

A wart grew on the inside edge of my big toe, and over time, a clump of brown bristley type things (all stuck together) grew out through the wart. My parents were treating it nightly with some kind of wart treatment, and the wart was dying.

Eventually the whole wart came away from around the "bristles" and the bristles stayed sticking out of my toe (at this point mum tried to pull them out but it was too sore). Eventually this clump fell out as well. Mum showed it to a nurse at the time but she didn't know what it was!

Any ideas?


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Sounds a bit like a verruca with the bristly bits left behind being the seeds.
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I always thought a verucca was just a wart that grows on the sole of the food and the pressure makes it grow inwards? There was no pressure on this one as it was at the side of my toe?

Also the bristles were almost half a centimetre long after the wart came away!
Definitely a verruca chazza, google for photos and you'll see exactly what you've described.
chazza....was it definitely from the skin of the toe or was it from the toenail itself?
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I've had veruccas before and have googled for pics and no it definitely wasn't a verucca! As I said I showed it to a nurse and she didn't know what it was either and Im sure she'd have recognised a verucca!

Sqad it was from the skin on the inside of the toe, the bristles stuck out at right angles to my toe!! idea.

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