how do i remove a sebaceous cyst myself?

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dalebillster | 20:52 Tue 23rd Nov 2010 | Body & Soul
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hi everyone, iv been to the doctors a few times & had a hospital consultation as i have loads of small sebaceous cysts on my scrotum (ballbag). The doctors are refusing to remove them or even the larger ones as they say they ar'nt big enough or worth while removing. the problem is they rub on my underwear & leg & become very sore & also are very embarrassing when im with a lucky (or unlucky lady lol) and are really affecting my self esteem. Does anyone know of a safe way of removing them myself or can anyone point me in the direction of someone who can help me?


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When you say "the doctors" do you mean your GP, or have you been to see a dermatologist? You can always ask your GP to refer you (although in the current financial climate, you might have to wait a while). In such a sensitive area of your body, I wouldn't even countenance a do-it-yourself job.
I'd advise against trying to sort them yourself.

I get recurrent cysts in my groin which often get infected and become abcesses. I had a really bad one lately and the doctor basically gave me antibiotics then, when they didn't work, just told me to go to A&E.

They sent me off with more antibiotics and 2 months on it still hadn't cleared and was getting worse so ended up back there (had put it off as didn't want to take up hospital time) to be sent up to the mergency surgery ward as, with it being there so long and their strongest antibiotics not touching it, they were worried the infection may be spreading to my blood and making me ill.

I had it removed by a surgeon and had a week of near daily clinic visits to have the wound dressed and packed.

That in mind, I wouldn't do anything which might risk making them worse and getting infected - not pleasant, I can assure you - I felt awful with the infection for over 2 months. I also have scars from the infected ones.

I know how horrible and painful and unsightly they are but don't risk further complications, see if you can get a referral, you might need to wait but better for anything to be done properly.
sharp kitchen knife, boiled and self castration perhaps......

No go and ask for a second opinion and explain the discomfort.....

I have had them on my scalp; though not painful when it comes to removal, it should be done professionally - there's a lot of blood that flows and I suspect the family sac will also be pretty bloody given how the old snake functions.
oh. ill bet he was sore after surgery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dale, suggest you do NOT look at RATTER^S post .
Am too squeamish to find the YouTube demos but am assured there are some. OR there is a new series of Embarrassing Bodies (?) beginning in the NY, you could enrol for treatment. Methinks its BBC ?
Advice........don´t do it yourself.......infection is an obvious and dangerous complication.

Go and see a surgeon privately and I put my month´s pay that he will remove then within a week.
Squad, a months pay! arent you retired :-)
RATTER...LOL.......yeah! but my pension is a bit inadequate for the "old lady"
However this is done, make sure it's done very carefully
Sqad, a bit of window cleaning on the side, pays for the beer I suppose and a new lippy for er in doors :-) I couldn´t stand the sight of her cleaning windows, particularly someone else´s.
Sqad, One has to maintain one's standards, doesn't one!
RATTER....absolutely ;-)
Oh nooooo....................... chatting, ban coming I think!!!!!!
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that was one of the worst few pictures i have ever seen that was posted by ratter! my sebaceous cysts aint no where that big but it does seem a bit over the top taking the poor blokes ballbag away. il refrain from trying to remove them for now & just try & see someone else in the medical profession about trying to get them removed. Thanks to everyone whos posted.... Dale.
Just trying to be informative :-)
"Oh nooooo....................... chatting, ban coming I think!!!!!! "

Ratters, sometimes the temptation is so great, it’s difficult to hold back. :-)
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how do i remove a sebaceous cyst myself?

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