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sara3 | 23:07 Sun 17th Oct 2010 | Body & Soul
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I want a cover-up tattoo and really like (part of) this design http://tattoo-dragon-...gns-sailor-jerry.html it's the 2nd large pic near the bottom of the page, a colourful flower with grey tone leaves around it.

does anyone know a) where I can find similar designs and b) where there is a bloody fantastic tattoo artist who could do an excellent job of this?

I'm in St Albans, Herts but would travel (within reason) for a highly recommended tattooist.

thank you :o)


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China.. good luck :o)

Ankou, thanks.. it's starting to do my head in! I looked at the newskool site but there weren't many examples of their work. will check out what's around Frith St x
ive been the a tattooists quite alot here in crawley, so im pretty covered lol. but a cover up can be a dodgey thing. mind discribing what it is you want covered up? like what are the colours like etc.
if its very dark then that tattoo you choose wont cover it. the grey i dont think would work cause its still quite a light colour. unless you put your tattoo where the flower is and sahde the grey around it.
but you would have to make the flower a darkish colour.

i can help more if i know what your tattoo looks like, also where it is.

the tattooist i use i can fault in anyway, he is quite the artistic genius! the shop is called Inktruzion and is based in Crawley. there are 3 guys there Lee- who is very good at japanese art, Jed- looks scary as hell but can do some pretty good writing tattoos" and Aaron. Aaron is the guy you wanna go for, if he is fully booked then i would say go for Lee as he does flowers often. i wouldnt say Jed for this tat.

Hope this helps! and let me know what it is you wish to cover! x
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hi Lumination and thanks for your detailed reply.

my tattoo is on my upper arm.. a heart outline, made of very small flowers. it's about 2.5 inches high. the tattooist decided to add some shading, and that's where is all went wrong. it ended up a blurry mess. the flowers have been re-coloured several times in an attempt to make them look like flowers again, and the whole outline was re-tattooed with white ink to try to cover some of the shading.

the main flower in this new tattoo design would cover the whole current tattoo, the centre is current not tattooed so would allow for lighter central shading. the grey toned leaves would be on my "virgin" skin, lol ;o)

thanks again, I'm going to check out your recommendation x
that doesnt seem to bad.
yeah you could do a light purple going into a very deeper shade of purple when it comes to your tattooed skin.
seems do-able to me, personally. they have done some cover ups there, you can walk in and there are pictures everywhere, very nice place. dont let Jed put you off hahaha. he is a teddy bear if you break him down!
but sounds like it should turn out well, but you know if you look closely you may still be able to see a faint outline of your old one, its just the way it is unless you get it removed or Aaron does a bloody good job!

here is their number 01293 446566.
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thanks again Lumination, Aaron's work looks pretty good!
t'would cost a fortune. Why not have a transfer made to iron onto a body stocking. You can buy leg & arm sorts
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jaydah, I'm looking for a cover up tattoo, not an item of clothing, lol ;o)
The shoulder tattoo is lovely (not sure about the ants and the beetle though).
I went to my tattooist and said I fancy something biggish with this this and this and he went with what I wanted and the young lad that works for him sketched a few bits out for me so that I didnt have to have something everyone else had. I ended up with one that is gert lush and I love..... a good tattooist will do it for you.

http://i35.photobucke...e/GetAttachment-1.jpg he's in Taunton mind
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thanks askyourgran :o) and I don't want the bugs either!
Well if it's the one I can see now .. I'll soon cover that up for you : )
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Albags, get your marigolds on ;o)
I will do it with felt tip

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