the Healthiest Cigarette you can smoke?

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KAZ | 16:41 Sun 20th Feb 2005 | Body & Soul
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Which is the "Healthiest" cigarette you can smoke? the lowest tar, lowest nicotene etc?


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A nicorette patch...
hehehehe them white candy types that have a bit of red colour at the bottom for the "lit" part *sticking out tongue smiley! heheheh those have 0% tar and nicotine! x

Ah, but the white candy causes obesity and tooth decay.  Try very wet cigarettes, they create very little smoke.

Seriously, low tar, low nicotine cigarettes typically mean the smoker draws harder to get the necessary chemicals the body expects.  Coupled with the problem that ultra low cigatettes have holes in the filter that are easy to cover, 'healthy' is a complete misnomer


 why bother smokin

why does the gov  put warning  sign  on the packet and still  leaves it on shelf to be sold .   they like to make money and people who smok like to dye for it. 

 whose braineir the gov or the dying one  think! before you smok

there is no such healthy cigarettes so get over it .

no matter how low the nicotene tar is   once the dammage is done it  cannot be replaceable . just give up !

9 months ago I gave up after many years on between 40 and 50 a day. I am out of prison! Free! Released! There's nothing I can't do! Don't smoke. Don't do it.
Well done Rog!
No such thing. I gave up a year ago and though at times I would love one, it's just not worth it.
Well done too MORELLO!

Best cigarettes are the ones u enjoy and like the taste of the most, as none of them are healthy.

Question Author

Let me rephrase the question... Of course there is no Healthy cigarette, but I wanted to know which brand on the current market has the lowest tar/nicotene content? Like with beer, some have a higher alcohol content than others, surely there are the same differences with cigarettes? there are many brands that state "mild" or even "extra mild" on the box but does this neccessarily mean they are better to smoke than regular? also I heard that Menthol cigarettes worse than regular is this true?

Kaz, the problem with looking at the company data on the box is that the test machines use to determine the chemical content suck out the smoke by holding the very end of the filter.  It differs from real life in two ways, firstly the holes in the filter that figers normally block remain open.  Secondly, research has shown that smokers of low tar cigarettes typically draw harder to maximise the chemical intake. 

The EU is in the process of banning the use of terms like Light and Mild as they are deemed to be misleading. 

Some of the brands offer ultra low or ultra mild varieties, but at that level minor differences in content make little or no practical difference. 

The lowest tar cigarette (according to the packaging!!) is Silk Cut Silver at 1mg tar and carbon monoxide and 0.1mg nicotene. Mayfair Fine are the same but not as strong tasting.

all cigarettes have nicotene and tar. we can reduce this nicotene and tar content from cigarettes means to make a healthy cigarette , we have made a alternative in the lab by experimenting on albino mice.we made a cigarette filter which filters nicotene and tar from the cigarettes to a extent and made cigarette healthier.

to know more abt this, catch me at

I was also interested to find the answer to this question as I am a social smoker and dont get the enjoyment as others do. I was disapointed to the responce you got from the other people, I guess they are right saying not to smoke, but if you had to which ones. I smoke Marlboro Lights, but might change to Silk cut Silver after reading one of the responces.
Errbody knows the healthiest cig is the Djarum Black nigs.
It's true that smoking cigarettes is bad for you, thousands of chemicals when burned slowly kills. But now their is a better alternative which E-cig........It is because you can quit smoking without breaking your habit and catching those harmful diseases.This is a smarter alternative to tobacco smoking and cigarette smoking. Hope this one could help. Media URL:
I work in a Kiosk and... yes... there's no such thing as a healthy cigarette, however, I've been looking and the lowest I've found for nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide is Silk Cut silver. This has 0.1mg of each (carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar), followed by Silk Cut blue which has 0.3mg of each and Silk Cut purple has 0.6mg of each.
When you have a look most other brands, they contain, on average, 10mg of carbon monoxide and tar and 0.9/0.8mg of nicotine.
When you look at it according to these three factors ONLY, 10 silk cut silver is the equivalent to 1 chesterfield or superking (or whichever other brand you'd like to compare it to).
The only downside to this is that IF you're already addicted to nicotine you may end up having more just to get the same effect and satisfy your nicotine craving. Silk Cut are also one of the more expensive choices :/

Working on the kiosk, I see people come to me every day and I see first hand what Cigarettes are doing to their health. DON'T SMOKE!
Hope this helped :)
There are 2 types of smoker in this world. The social smoker who averages maybe one pack a week and the Tobaccoholic, the addicted smoker who averages between one and two packs a day.
For the Tobaccoholic, there is no safe level of tar or nicotine because he will smoke whatever is available at the time. And quitting smoking does not cure his predilection to excess or "addictive personality".
He will simply switch to another form of excess whether it be alcohol, drugs, sugar or high-fat foods. Often with far greater implications to his health and/or the well-being of others around him.
The difference with the social smoker is they can take it or leave it.
It's exactly the same with alcohol drinkers. There are social drinkers and alcoholics, those who take it to excess.

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