Syringing a perforated ear

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milly143 | 14:10 Tue 05th Oct 2010 | Body & Soul
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I think I remember my Mum told me quite a while back that I perforated my ear drum when I was younger. Although I think I remember having lots of hearing tests I don't remember the incident itself and there doesn't appear to be anything in my medicle notes. I went to have my ears syringed a few years back and the nurse wouldn't do it because of what I told her. I think I need my ears syringed now but is it dangerous if I have a perforated ear drum?

If there is nothing in my notes, would a nurse or Doctor be able to tell if I did have a perforated ear drum? I am not able to ask my Mum if it did happen.


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If your ear was full of wax, then nurse/ doctor wouldn´t be able to see whether it was perforated.

I see nothing wrong in syringing a perforated ear if done gently.

However the majority would disagree with my opinion.

The only alternative would be for a GP to suck it out under direct vision, but very few GP.s if any, have the expertise or equipment, so they would have to refer you to an ENT dept.

In my opinion, no harm would come by syringing gently, a perforated ear.
only my opinion, but i was always under the impression that a previously perforated ear drum should never be syringed.
Hi milly,

just found this on it.


In my opinion, i would think seriously about having any type of syringing done at your GP's, but as Sqad says, you may want to be referred to an Ear Nose and Throat dept at your local hospital so they can investigate your ears more thoroughly and advise you of the best way forward.

I wish you good luck. :0)
I have had both of my ear drums perforated, nobody has ever suggested that they shouldn't be syringed, When I take clients to have their ears syringed we are never asked if they have ever had a perforated ear drum, So I don't imagine that syringing a perforated ear drum is of any real danger. I would certainly mention it to the GP/Nurse before they commence to be on the safe side though.

They don't actually use a syringe anymore anyway, at my surgery they use an electronic water pulse gun thingy, I'm sure it has a proper name though.

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Syringing a perforated ear

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