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Bazile | 01:20 Tue 05th Oct 2010 | Body & Soul
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Extracts from the article

"The recent trial results of this method of detecting and removing polyps before they develop into bowel cancer can truly be called a breakthrough," Harpal Kumar, Cancer Research UK's chief executive, said.

''It involves a thin, bendy tube with a camera attached being placed a short way into the rectum and lower bowel. The inside wall of the bowel can then be viewed and polyps removed.''

1. Do the polyps mentioned include ' anal canal polyps '

2. Are anal canal polyps likely to turn cancerous ?



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Hi Bazille,

Anal polyps, if there are such things, are extremely uncommon compared to their cousins, the colonic polyps. One would not need a " bendy tube" to see them as they could easily be seen by a very small proctoscope, infact using a long flexible tube might lead to anal abnormalities being missed as the tube train rushes past the anal station without stopping (if you get my meaning!)

In answer to your second question.........the straight forward answer is NO.....there is no such documented incidence that I can find.
Anal cancers do occur, but the start as cancers and not as polyps.
I always enjoy your answers, Sqad, thanks. Do you work in medicine, too?
Scarlett.......LOL......LOL I did, retired now.

What about you?
No, not me!! I am just a disaster area with things wrong with me that seemingly no doctor can sort out!
Scarlett......I know the type...;-)
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Thanks for that sqad

There is no medical reasons to have it/them removed - am i correct ?
Correct, unless they are causing trouble by bleeding or pain.
Adding to this post Sqad my love lol, have you ever heard of polyps in the sinus cos im still waiting for my MRI results on my blocked sinus with that awful smell im getting, my mummy thinks its polyps, and i think its something more, what you reckon?? xx

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