Ear/jaw making wierd noise

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mollykins | 11:24 Sun 26th Sep 2010 | Body & Soul
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When I move my jaw, I can hear a weird kind of low pitched sqeaking noise in my right ear. If I do it in a rhythm then it sounds similar to when you hear a heart beat throught a stephoscope (spelling is probably wrong,), that kind fo noise, if that makes sense, Why, and how do is top it.

Also my right ear feels wierd, but in a way i can't describe, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't ache, it isn't sensitive, it just feels different.


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Eat less Curry's having an adverse effect on your imagination
I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. When I get up from my chair I can hear creaking all over the place.
Question Author
I've only ever had about 5 curries in my life.
maybe you should rest your jaw for a while..
We're supposed to try everything once. So, that's 4 too many
Are you android?

Need dewaxing molly. Get your mum to do it with a piping syringe : )
albags, could you explain the dewaxing, sounds interesting ?

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Ear/jaw making wierd noise

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