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sherminator | 14:48 Mon 23rd Aug 2010 | Body & Soul
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Bit if a strange one this! Im trying to not drink now(never had a problem except that im a binge drinker) as i want to get a lot more physically fit.

But when i do go out now the next day.......well....I feel depressed! i feel so low after a night out now it s unreal!

i know i have a hangover and sore head and general tiredness(i only ever get max 5 hours sleep after drinking) but now i just feel so pathetic and its a new development!
im 28 and reasonably healthy, im not a fatty or anything!

any ideas anyone on what i can do to stop this feeling?

thank you!!!


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you are saying you are trying not to drink so does this come from a change in your mind set because you now feel you have let yourself down by getting drunk or something?
One side effect of Alcohol is that it is a depressant. It affects me like that a little and makes me have a lack of confidence. I don't think theres much you can do except drink less.
stop drinking?
Stop drinking an hour before leaving wherever you are. Then drink two pints of water. Next day, have a full english for breakfast then water for the day.
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Joannie10 yeah that might be something as its just feels like a wasted time the next day but i do go out and usually have a good night when im out!

I do wish I could kick it completely but I like what drink does to me! it makes me talk to women it makes me able to dance on a dancefloor! couldnt do that sober lol!
Nah sherm, it makes you THINK you can dance.
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either way its something i would never do sober!
its becoming a crutch, you can do these things without getting drunk you just dont think you can. alcohol is a depressant which means that although you may feel merry initially eventually it will make you feel quite down.

its more important for your body to be healthy than to dance and talk to girls. maybe some of these girls would like you better if you were not paralyetic when they met you?
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Cazz i dont even think im that drunk! never falling about or slavering all over them or anything like that! its just i dont have confidence without it!

but yes this is a relatively new thing and seems to be getting worse so am gonna have tor eally limit what i drink from now on! it is my only vice after all!....well aside from choclate cake, god i love chocolate cake!!!!
Sherminator....when I use to go out every Saturday night I'd start the night off having a drink with every round. As soon as I started feeling the effects I'd have a glass of coke one round and an alcoholic drink the next round. Stayed merry, never got drunk and never had a hangover.
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Cheers Ummm. like i said i am a sensible drinker! have only ever been sick from alcohol twice in my life so I dont think i am an excessive drinker, it just seems to be affecting me more, and in different ways now!

But cheers for all the advice!
I think the sugar from the coke helps loads. I was always a sensible drinker like you. I'd also have the odd glass of water through the night as well.

Can I have a vodka and lemonade and a glass of tap water please. Down the tap water, sip the vodka.
To build up your energy level I highly recommend you drink aloe vera juice first thing every morning and last thing at night. This will help greatly to build your immune system and will relax your inner self. The very best aloe drink I have found is Aloe Gel by Forever living. Even though I live in Ireland and this is an American drink I buy it direct from the company, saving myself 30% off the retail price.
If you want to do this too simply check out the "Product" section in join free as a distributor, this allows you to buy at wholesale. You do not have to distribute!!

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