why is it always the people you don't want to talk to that call you?

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ooh-la-la | 20:57 Sun 22nd Aug 2010 | Body & Soul
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i swear to god for the past week it's been people that i don't really want to talk to that have been calling and texting me, but i haven't heard a peep from the one person i really wanna talk to. Way does this always happen? :-(


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Perhaps you are wanting it too much.... can't say that's been happening to me this week!
Exactly, I wish I knew, it happens all the time, and then if you do hear from that one special person you miss the call!!!!!
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ow, your so lucky boxtops. He normally texts me back stright away but i haven't heard from him since last friday :-( ow
lol!!!! i know pip, i bet i'm gonna be in the shower or something if he does call
I just had a heart in mouth moment when my mum rang me. I always ring her so usually only get a call if something either really bad or really good has happened.

Turned out my dad has asked her to ring me as he hadn't seen me post on Facebook all weekend and was worried as it's not like me...bless!

I don't get many phonecalls, more of a text/message kinda person.
isnt that strange jenn, when my mum rings and I dont answer and she has to leave a message she always says first 'nothing to worry about....'
Me too 4get, most answerphone messages from my mum start with "I'm OK ....."
I would worry if I didn't hear for more than 24 hours when OH is away, but generally he's very good about keeping in touch. I guess I am lucky.
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ow that's really sweet though jen, shows she really loves you :) my mum would never do that, mainly becasue she can;t turn the computer on to see if i've posted something on the net!!! hehehehehehehehe!!!
lol!! sometimes i do that too forget me not!!!! my god, i must be hetting old!!!
It is sweet :) I put my dad on FB as I thought it would be a good way for him to get to know me better and, in a way, have a link to me that's not via what mum tells him.

Mum's not on there, she can't turn the computer on but we chat a lot more and she comes up quite often.

She came up for my birthday last year and said my dad had suggested they buy me a winter coat as I'd mentioned I was cold in a status update!

Apparantly he checks it every day and comes and gives my mum little updates! Mym confessed recently that they had also gone on and looked up a guy I'd been mentioning, they must have gone through my photos until they found one with him it it haha!
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ow!!! that's such a sweet idea with your dad :-) your parents sound lovely, if i mentioned that i was cold my mum would just tell me to do some buttons up!!!!! Hehehe! i hope it wasn't a rude one!!!!
Mine would have told me to wear a vest, jemma....
so make a phone call !

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why is it always the people you don't want to talk to that call you?

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