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Doofus | 00:41 Wed 02nd Feb 2005 | Body & Soul
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i'm 24 and have very dark hair, i'm not receding or losing it but have got very silver hairs growing thru, is this just grey hair?


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Yes probably
Sounds like it. Obviously the darker your hair is, the more noticeable the grey hairs will be. Lots of people start greying at your age so it�s nothing to worry about (I may well have but as I haven�t seen my natural hair colour since I was 15 I wouldn�t know). If it bothers you, you can easily cover it up with a permanent hair colourant. I�ve read that taking B vitamins can slow down greying of hair, but have no idea how true this is.

Hi Doofus.  I've been with my lovely man for 15 years and he's been going slowly but steadily grey since we met at age 18.  Now at age 33 he's got a fair smattering of it around the sides, temples etc and a few greys in his facial hair. He too has dark hair (it's black) and I guess that made his first few greys more noticeable, and more silver-looking, like yours.   It never really bothered him too much, and I certainly don't think it detracts from his gorgeous good looks.  We sometimes joke that I'd only give him a hard time about his hair if he was daft enough to dye it!  I prefer a man who's comfy as he is, grey hair and all, and so personnally, I'd advise you to go with your grey. Of course if it does bother you, dying it would be a simple solution (Just for Men is apparently very good!), as long as you keep it up (nothing worse than a man who needs his roots done!).

DO NOT DYE YOUR HAIR! for mens sake! Role with it Doofus, I've got dark hair with a bit of grey (34) and the ladeeze love it! (joke) Seriously, just go with it.
I didn�t mean to insinuate that Doofus should be bothered by  the grey hairs and should therefore dye it, but I know plenty of men that  do and I don�t think twice about it. I wouldn�t dream of mocking them for  it just as I wouldn�t expect them to mock me for using anti-ageing  creams!  My bf is 5 years younger and going grey at the sides and I think he's sexy as scrumptious as chocolate coated jelly babies.
Just a few white hairs will stand out at white, it is only when you get more of a mix of white and dark hair that it looks grey. I think that grey/white hair can look very distinguised (but having said that I do colour mine!!) I am female by the way

Doofus, I noticed my first grey hair at about your age, and like you I was also originally very dark haired. I would agree that the whole dying thing is just too much trouble and expense to bother with, its a natural process and will happen quite gradually over the next twenty years or so, just live with it! Just a note of warning, dont waste your money on Grecian 2000 or similar products, they do absolutely nothing except atract dirt and grease to your hair. Yuk!

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Silver Hair

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