Does this game make you feel slightly dizzy?

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flobadob | 19:48 Wed 14th Jul 2010 | Body & Soul
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Everytime I play this game if I get a bit far into it I feel a little dizzy when it's over. Does it happen to anyone else? http://www.ferryhalim...orisinal/g3/bells.htm


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not yet but I feel a tad frustrated!
I waited but the game didn't start!! I was kinda waiting for something to scream at me but nothing!!!
did you click on it with the mouse ratter (after it loaded)
yes, but nothing!!
I took me a while to work out that you only get one jump !

I love the bunny ... he's so cute !!
OK, it worked, I almost wished it didnt lolol
the link doesn't work for me
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But when you all start falling at the end...., nothing?
I see what you mean - it's like the stars you see when you are fainting, takes your eyes a few seconds to adjust when you finish.
worked for me and it didn't make me dizzy,and i got 1200 score,
1200 maggie - you zapped 400 bells?
how can you get that score with only one leap?
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1690 yay
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Perhaps no one is getting queezy because you are not getting high enough. My scores are around the 5000-6000 mark and it's a long way down from there.
I think the secret is to not concentrate on the black background but on the white bells. The higher the score you accumulate the smaller the bells become and they are spaced further apart so it is important to retain a very fluid motion with the cursor.If you can hit the bells from beneath the rabbit moves with greater speed than if landing on top of them. Never miss the owl! They will double the score each time and help you to achieve a very high score with a little practice.

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Does this game make you feel slightly dizzy?

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