When you hear of others success do you feel envious or excited?

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eash | 21:53 Wed 09th Jun 2010 | Body & Soul
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I personally feel envious but don't know why! I do try and be excited but it's so difficult.... I think I am maybe a bit messed up and in need of theapy....


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Then you are British.

The Brits always resent each other's success, and love each other to fail.

It's a national characteristic.
It depends a bit on if I like them or not! If I don't then I probably am envious, resentful even, I'll join you in therapy!
I'm always pleased for people who are succesful, providing their success hasn't come at the expense of someone else.
not just British, JJ. Gore Vidal said something like 'It is not enough that I succeed. Others must fail.'
I agree with NoM......if someone is deserving I'm very happy for them.
I can never understand the abuse Victoria Beckham gets from this country, yet the yanks think she's great.
Why is the no word for schadenfreud in English?
I feel envious and pleased for them. I feel envious because they might have been successful at something I wanted to be successful at and I feel pleased because they have been successful.
Envy is such a negative emotion. Why not celebrate others' success? It'll make you feel better too.
Why should I or anyone be jealous of others success or achievements? I'm sure most successful people work hard and endure sacrifices to achieve and become successful. Success all depends on the choices we make. I am always happy for others whether I know them or not.
The Brits do not have anything in their phraseology to compare with the "American Dream."
im with NoM on this one .

im pleased for folk unlesss some one else has done the work and had there glory stolen.if that make sence
I think it depends if you measure your own success by other people. I don't so am usually pretty happy for anyone who's done well. Unless they're a complete muppet in which case I'm usually just suprised they suceeded at anything!
I don't possess the emotion called envy....or jealousy...

But I'm also lacking in ...

sympathy and compassion.
I am envious and happy. I am happy that they have done well but envious as I often feel I am not living my life to full capacity - it's natural!
Actually....I'm lacking in most. Except...happiness, sadness and anger :-)
I interviewed the late great Ronnie James Dio a few years ago, and we discussed the aspirational culture of the U.S., compared with the envy culture in the UK. he summed it up like this -

"In England, if you drive down the road in a Rolls Royce, someone will run a broken bottle down the side, if you drive down the street in America, people will say 'How can i get one of those?"

I think that's it in a nutshell.

Personally, I always feel good for people who succeed, of course, I'd like it to be me, but that doesn't stop me wishing them the best.
I admire people who work from nothing to big success. I try and listen and take in how they did it for tips! Richard Branson is one person I do admire very much. Seems like a top bloke as well.
Maybe a bit of both - Depends who they are...
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Someone I'm 'friends' with on FB put it as her status, she is a hypnotherapist, not that I think that makes any difference but it made me think. Then last night one of friends told me she'd lost 10% of her body weight since Christmas and although I am pleased for her I was really jealous as well. I've been trying to lose weight for ages without any success :-(
It's horrible, I don't like being a green eyed monster so to speak....
I think I maybe feel like this because I always seem to fail at whatever I attempt... Hmmm...
aaah eash.... maybe she has REALLY put in some serious effort to lose the weight... though 10% doesnt sound much.... (not to me.. but what do I know)

If I like the person.. then I would be excited for their success... but yours is tinged with the sadness you feel at not succeeding yourself...

I guess you are normal!!! It must be a normal response!

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