squad or anyone please?

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looobylooo | 20:03 Tue 18th May 2010 | Body & Soul
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my mum, 67 went to the docs this morning (she keeps having reacurring cystitis, and is being treated with antibiotics again)
anyway, while she was there the nurse did a urine test and told her she needs to go for blood tests as there is a posibility she could have diabetes.
she doesnt really have the obvious signs of diabetes, like increased thirstiness and drinking alot and nipping to the loo alot, or losing weight, but she is tired all the time and gets really bad headaches.
i tested her blood on my glucose monitor (i also have diabetes type2) when she got home and her reading was a normal 5.3 - that was a few hours after having toast for breakfast.
she later had a salad sandwich for dinner and her reading an hour after eating was again a normal - 5.9.
surely her sugar levels would be alot higher than this if she'd got diabetes?
i think i remember mine was 18.6 when i was first diagnosed about 10ish years ago.
any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,
thank you :o)


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Although it wasn't cystitis, my mum had the runs a lot in the night, sometimes not even being able to 'go', just the feeling that she needed to. The doctor said to drink plenty of Cranberry Juice. I am not sure if this would help a urine infection, I am sure sqad will correct me if I am wrong, but it might help your mum. I wouldn't worry about the diabetes too much until you get the results. You seem to know more about it than the nurse ! Good luck looby :)
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thanks smurf :o)
Hi. 5.9 is OK; brilliant if you have diabetes, but it's the top end of the norm. What did she put on the bread? Syrup! Take a quick glance at this page on Diabetes UK...


...particularly the following quote, "the signs and symptoms will not be so obvious or even non-existent in people with Type 2 diabetes".
Sounds like she might have found sugar in her wee and there are other causes other than diabetes. As she is unlikely to be pregnant they are probably checking on the other main cause, especially with the recurrent infections.
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thanks mo183,
noo it wasnt syrup lol, but saying that she is partial to a slice of bread and syrup now and again! lol
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yeah jenna, the nurse did say there was 'alot of sugar in her wee'
That is quite possibly what is causing the recurrent infections then so they need to find out why and I'd say pregnancy and diabetes are the main causes.

Is there any kind of genetic trait in your family of having high levels of sugar in your wee?

Could well be diabetes, best for her to get the proper fasting blood sugar tests and such to make sure as it could be the cause of the infections and, obviously, if it is diabetes or anything else, needs treatment in itself.
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well shes not pregnant anyway jenna lol, unless shes not telling us something! lol..
yes her mum had diabetes and ive got it (both type2)
she doesnt suffer from the thrush infection which is a popular thing with diabetes, its just the annoying cystitis at the min.
i guess its just a matter of waiting for the blood test results eh..
I can't add much to what has been said, except:

The monitoring of your mum's sugar levels should be ongoing, as, in my opinion, she has pre diabetes and these people often develop Type 2 diabetes within 5-10 years.

The recurrent urinary infections will need to be investigated as a separate entity.
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ok, thanks sqad, thanks for replying.

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