Sugar Puffs.... Smell in your wee

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gregcropper | 19:37 Thu 06th May 2010 | Body & Soul
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Why is it that I can smell Sugar Puffs in my wee whenever I have eaten them? And don't get me started on asparagus....!!!


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Asparagus is noted for the smell and the colour of your urine,but sugar puffs eh?
I once had a terrible shock a few hours after after eating a plateful of beetroot- not the smell but the colour
Factor its right, if you eat alot of beetroot you will pee red
I think sugapuffs smell of wee
Ooo! so glad I don't eat beetroot!
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I have got to say I agree and have noticed the smell of sugar puffs in you wee! Youre not the only one gregcropper, Ive always been a bit embarrassed to discuss with anyone
I can confirm the beetroot, thought I was ill. I love sugar puffs but I don;t smell them in my wee, not that I get that close to notice. llol
Being Diebetic I don`t eat sugar in any shape or form, but geeeez sometimes my wee is awful, and if squad can tell me why I`d appreciate it. You still around squad?
I've got a great recipe for Beetroot and Asparagus salad....... They love it in A&E
Sweet smelling ( copy and pasted )
Catching a whiff of something sugary sweet after you pee might actually be a clue to something very serious going on in your body. “A sugary smell might indicate the presence of blood sugar that’s being excreted in the urine,” says Farber. And a high concentration of blood sugar in the urine is one sign of diabetes. The kidney acts as a filter for all sorts of waste that flows through the body. But if your filter is damaged, things can leak out of it and end up being excreted in the urine. In the case of diabetes, excess blood sugar sneaks out through a leaky filter and shows up in the urine. If you are pregnant, changes in the kidney filtration system can result in the presence of sugar in the urine. Whether pregnant or not, if a doctor finds sugar in your urine, he or she should order further tests to determine if diabetes is a concern.
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Good Lord vibra - I thought that was coco pops?
my work colleagues go on about this, or that their wee is beefy

i've never noticed my wee smelling unless i eat asparagus, or had a particulary heavey night....
I notice this when I eat breakfast cereal too and porridge and I know there is nothing seriously wrong with me! Not particularly sugar puffs because I don't think I have eaten them but a sweet, milky smell!!
When I drink lots of coffee with sugar I get sugar puff pee. I know I don't have diabetes and my kidney function is excellent (according to renal consultants) and I've always noticed the smell.
Murphys and Boddingtons makes your wee smell, I have been in there after OH, I can vouch for that.

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Sugar Puffs.... Smell in your wee

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