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filthiestfis | 18:11 Sat 01st May 2010 | Body & Soul
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Sometimes after a washing some of my clothes are left with a white mark. Could this be because the washing machine has been overloaded with clothes? Or perhaps if too much washing powder has been put in? Or could it be caused if the water used is cold instead of warm?


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Overloaded machine, too much powder, could be one of several reasons. Try putting it on an extra rinse.
If the water is too cool the powder won't dissolve. Could be the washing powder.
It's the packer material that is in the powder/liquid. Not much can be done apart from rinsing it out. It doesn't all dissolve properly, and this is not helped by ever cooler washes, and cold filling.
If you overload your machine the water on the rinse cant rinse all the clothes as they will be packed to tightly together, you should always leave enough room to move your hand around on the top of your washing when its loaded, my uncle told me this as i always used to overload my machine, he has his own business mending washing machines.
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Oh I can move my hand on the top of the clothes in the machine but I reckon might need more than a handful of space. So...still not sure whats causing the marks as it could be one or a conbination of things.
It's the packing ingredient!
It's called packer. It's in there to increase out the volume to make it look like you have bought something for your money.
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Is that a joke Albags?
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I've always been advised never to have the drum much more than half full in terms of dry volume.

As for washing powder, I've recently taken a leaf out of Ruth Goodman's book, she of 'Victorian Farm'. What cleans clothes is the action of water being forced through the fabric - no more. Add detergent and it serves to stiffen and weaken the fibres, hence you need to add fabric softener, causing further deterioration to the fabric. You also tend to need slightly hotter water to dissolve said detergents.

So now I don't use washing powder, except for the very dirtiest stuff and the nastiest stains. The stuff is still coming out clean and fresh smelling, and it's softer too. Cheaper as well.
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saxy, and does it really work? No soap at all? no residual pongs?
Thanks .. at last ...

The packer is almost always the cause of this. Cheap powders will not help.
Excess powder .. Overloading .. will all cause it not to be rinsed away ... Ok? : )
Ive never tried not using soap powder or such like when i do laundry, might just give it a go, but what about smelling body odour like under arm, not me of course, hubby sometimes lol, will it rid of that if no soap is used?? x
This used to happen to me too fis...and i changed to liquid detergent and not packing in too much stuff. No problems now.
I use the recommended amount of washing powder and some conditioner in my wash, The body exhudes moisture sweat and a certain amount of grease dead skin and dirt etc, the washing powder dissolves it. You couldn't get away with not using washing powder for long.
You need a certain amount of soap .. detergent, of some sort.
If you don't use any, lots of your clothes will become greyed out, lose brightness, and stains will set in them.
Try changing to liquid detergent instead. It worked for me

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