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lil75 | 15:35 Tue 02nd Mar 2010 | Body & Soul
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Hello all, I had a smear test done recently and the result has come back as mild abnormailty, I received a letter from the hospital saying I had to go for a colposcopy, this alarmed me a bit as I have previously had a mild abnormality in 2003 and had further smears every 3 months (I think) and they were all fine, until eventually I had them done every 3 years, I spoke to my nurse about this today and she said thats why I was refered straight away, as I had the mild abnormality in 2003and obviously the recent one and that they want to look into it, she then said not to worry and that only a few cases are full blown cancer!!!! It has really scared me to be honest, im worried because I was refered so quickly and because of what the nurse has said to having the colposcopy on Monday and im terrified now, is it right for them to want to look into it so suddenly, im getting paranoid :o(


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Should have said, I saw the nurse today for another reason, and just asked her about the smear out of curiosity...ive waited for the appointment about 6 weeks
Yes it is right for them to look into it suddenly, the sooner they check you out the better. It does not mean there is something really wrong with you, just that they want to make sure especially as you had a mild abnormality before. It is easy to say try not to worry, but that is the only advice I can give you. Sooner is better because at least it will be over with, and hopefully you will get yor results.

I hope that it all goes well for you, let us know how you get on.
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Thanks Marval, I just needed some reassurance I suppose, will let you know, and thanks again.
You are welcome, take care.
Routine procedure, to rule out early cancerous transition of "mild abnormality"

You will only be 100% reassured after biopsy on colposcopy.
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Thankyou Sqad......wish monday was here now, im glad to know it is routine procedure, and because it says it is mild does that mean its not nothing dangerous yet?
Good luck lil...try not to worry xx
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Thanks ummmm, will post again on monday and let you know what happened x
Please do xx
Mild to you means non cancerous.
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Sqad..your a gem...feel so much better now, what a saint you are! x
if you google 'abnormal smear result' there's a lot of info all about it, lots of explanations which will reassure you. makes us ladies realise why it's so important to go for our regular smear tests too :)
good luck lil x
Lil...yes "saint" and "gem" does accurately describe me ;-)
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it does sqad! x
I see it like breast lumps, very very unlikely to be anything untoward but they like to get them checked out sharpish just to make sure.

I've had a colposcopy and it was fine (though you may well be delicate up there for a while after).
I had a colposcopy at the age of 21. After the colposcopy, you will likely have a smear every year for the next ten years. Don't worry... it's not as bad as it sounds. Just make sure you rest up afterwards. Good luck.
I haven't had one that often after No Mercy, might check into that though mine was way back when I was about 21/22 so nearly 10 years ago now so I think I might have missed that boat! I assume the onces since have been ok though.
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Thanks everyone, its much appreciated xxx

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