Want to prevent bruised shins when skiing

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Nosha123 | 13:05 Mon 08th Feb 2010 | Body & Soul
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Morning all

I am going skiing soon - and always suffer from bruised shins as I lean so hard forward in my boots... I know you can buy ski socks with padded bits... but they are about £17 A PAIR!!! And I cant afford to invest in a few pairs.. is there anything else I can buy? Something that goes in the front of the boot maybe?

Or are the ski socks the best solution???
Thanks all


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Football shin pads?

These are really cheap - not sure if you can fit them on under your boots.
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thanks folks!!
I was going to suggest shinpads for football or hockey but they might be a bit bulky, maybe the more mesh type ones though they are pricey too.

I know what you mean, I have to keep my knees bent as much as poss to try and stop them hurting so much.

I'm trying to break in some new iceskates at the moment, why do we do it!
Make your own from thick cardboard.
Had another thought, go to an outdoor type store and buy a sit mat - its a thinnish piece of foam mat - cut a few shin pad sized pieces and shove them down your socks. They only cost a few quid.

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Want to prevent bruised shins when skiing

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