Swollen glands/liver/spleen

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NoMercy | 12:47 Sun 07th Feb 2010 | Body & Soul
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Last year I had all of the above, and the doctor said he was fairly certain it was Epstein Barr. I've had glandular fever before, and so all the symptoms were familiar. However, blood tests came back negative, LFTs came back normal, and so no explanation was found as to why I had swollen glands, lethargy, enlarged liver and spleen, jaundice and extreme fatigue.

For a few weeks now, my throat has been very swollen and red/angry looking, and for the last 7 days or so.. I've had sharp pains in my spleen and, to a lesser degree, in my liver. It hurts to apply any pressure in these areas, and I feel constantly tired.

Last time I saw the Doctor, he looked into my throat and said it was not pustular (ie not bacterial) and tests failed to identify a particular virus. So if it's not bacterial, and nothing's showing up in my bloods, what could it be?


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hi NoM, if you feel so poorly, dont cook paella, come to zizzis instead! x
Question Author
Sounds good. I heard murmurings about going to Javea instead to watch Birmingham City... but I should have known it was too good to be true. Still, if my liver is a likkle poorly... I don't think a p!ss up in a tapas bar will do me any good. :-(
oh thats me and you under the weather NM pet, tamb too, must be the month for the little beasties called germs eh ?
take care
Bobbi ♥
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Cheers, Bobbi. Hope you're feeling better soon x
am fine rid of my consumed nasties - still have more eels to eat (t'would be cruel to feed to dogs).

NoM; sounds like general fatigue; try some build-up, complan and molasses to strengthen your system. Get well soon - I miss your fun. Now for dem eels ;)
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I had really bad liver pains when waking this morning. My under eyes are very dark and my skin is dry and lackslustre. My memory and concentration levels are crap and I'm just feeling very low. I would appreciate any advice or input from anyone who has experienced similar.

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Swollen glands/liver/spleen

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