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lil75 | 12:27 Sat 02nd Jan 2010 | Body & Soul
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Ive actually stuck to my word and given up finding it really hard, is anybody else trying to quit???


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I had a 45-minute hypnotherapy session 12 years ago - haven't touched one since. Best £75 I ever spent...
I quit 13 years ago, would never go back now, stick with it!!!
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stay with it lil, or you'll be repeating this process another time.

best of luck to you x
lil - stay strong in your resolve. You will be free of the chemical addiction in around 4-5 days. After that, its a pyschological fight against the craving.
1. Try a drink or a piece of fruit when the craving becomes too strong.( not crisps or junk food like me, which resulted in putting on quite a bit of weight which i am struggling to remove now! )
2. Find something to keep busy with - take your mind off wanting a cigarette.

Remember the positives.
1. If you are smoking the equivalent of half a pack or more daily, you will makes a huge financial saving over a year, possibly running into the thousands.
2. No more being treated like a pariah, or having to shiver in the cold outside, or not being able to enjoy a pub/restaurant environment.
3. Health benefits - The association between cancer and smoking is proven, as is the cardiovascular damage. Quitting immediately reduces your risks from these health threats.
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Interesting answers - This is day 2 by the way

Lazygun, to be honest yeserday was the worst for me (the 1st day) I was crying and everything, felt like going mad, but today im not feeling as bad...still bad but not as bad if you know what I mean. God after reading your post I cant wait until the next 4/5 days are over!

I was smoking around 30 a day which is bloody bad....I wont give up on giving up...thanks or your support all! x
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Hi Grouufos, im using an inhalator and niquitin mints....did you give up and then start again?
I have given up a thousand times and always get hooked on the substitute. " 2 years on the gum and the same on the inhalor. I am like you and get terribly tearful if havent smoked. Hope you manage.I am currently on fags.
I gave up 4 1/2 years ago and have never felt better. No smelly breath, white teeth, fresh clothes etc So long as you don't give yourself the choice of having a cigarette or not you'll be fine. I felt I was dying the first 2 days and told myself I would never go that through that again and after 4 days I was fine but went through a 'mourning' stage of a few months. Just stick it out and you'll find that one day you go through a whole day without even thinking of a cigarette.
Don't rely too much on the inhaler and mints as you'll have them to give up too. You don't really need them and once a week's up let them go. Good luck!
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I have never smoked but the other half did at the weekends could do 50-60 a day!!!!! That was 23 years ago gave up when they went up to £1.75! Never had another since keep at it
I think the key is to be positive about STOPPING smoking (don't say 'giving up' as it has negative connotations) Tell yourself how proud you are that you've stopped doing something that was doing so much harm and costing a fortune as well. You should feel great! Those horrible little sticks don't control you anymore!! You are the one in control!
I gave up over 3 years ago after being a confirmed smoker for 30 years. I just resolved to MYSELF never to smoke again and have never looked back. Stay strong Lil!!

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